I've been reading the Hunger Games series and I found the way that they announced the deaths in the arena with the cannon and the announcement at night was really cool, so I decided to replicate the same thing in plugin form (Panem anthem not included).This plugin won't really change any game mechanics, it simply replicates how death is dealt with in the Hunger Games arenas.


  • Thunder sounds every time a player is killed.
  • Death messages and causes will not be displayed as they happen, only the thunder indicates a player has died.
  • Death messages and causes are saved and displayed only once a day after sunset, just like in the series.


When using this plugin for the first time, a config.yml will generate for you in the plugin directory. There are two options.

  • World: [world name] This indicates the world that the plugin will keep track of the time in. Deaths will only be displayed after sunset in that world.
  • AllWorlds: [true/false] This is whether or not you would like to have thunder and the death displays in all of your worlds or just the world listed in the first config option.


Just drag the DeathCannon.jar file into your plugins folder and restart your server (reloading not recommended). An editable config.yml (for settings) file and database.yml (for storage) file should automatically generate for you.

NOTE: You must be using Java JRE7 on your server to use this plugin! If you are getting an "UnsupportedClassVersionError", then you are using JRE6 and that is the reason why the plugin isn't working!


  • Requested features that someone may suggest.
  • Fix any bugs that may occur. I greatly encourage and appreciate bug reports!


Here is a link to the git if anyone wants it:

DeathCannon Source


I am also going to be working on a full Hunger Games plugin. Planned features include thirst, energy, map rollback, automatic chest filling, repeating rounds, and many more! We will be releasing Beta versions soon! Check out the plugin on it's bukkitdev page:



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