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DeathBukkit allows players items' to be preserved after death, so that they can be recovered. Specifically, when a player dies with death chests/signs enabled (see the "Use" section below), a chest will be created at the death point, containing the items which were in the inventory of the player prior to being dead (this is highly configurable). A sign will also be created (again, configurable), indicating who the owner of the chest is, as well as the time and date when they died. Right-clicking on this sign will automatically recover the chest's contents, and destroy the chest.

While several other "death chest" plugins do already exist, they are all either out-of-date or abandoned. This plugin is intends to supersede those plugins.

A server owner could easily change the configuration file and customize timings such that:

A chest will be inaccessible by only the dead player for X minutes. A chest will break after Y minutes.


DeathBukkit Release v1.0.1

DeathBukkit v1.0.1 is a huge update. It adds multiple commands, different chest types, many bugfixes and better permissions system. It was the product of a lot of effort and consists of more than 1,409 new lines of code.

DeathBukkit Release v0.3.0

DeathBukkit v0.3.0 re-adds the ability to make chests exist of an infinite amount of time (no expiry). It also stops chests from "auto-expiring" when the sign is clicked and the player's inventory is filled.

DeathBukkit Release v0.2.1

DeathBukkit v0.2.1 fixes a potential TileEntity CCE.



Just drop the plugin in your plugins directory and next time the server is run it will automatically generate it's config file for you. The 2 options in the plugin config file are self explanatory (seconds until unlock and seconds to expiration) and the defaults are:

  • unlockAfter: 0
  • expireAfter: 0

A value of zero indicates that the chest should unlock/expire immediately and a value less than zero indicates that the chest should never unlock/expire. Any other value is a time in seconds.


DeathBukkit uses a type-based system for extra configurability. Chest types can be configured per player and define what happens when a player dies. You set a player's chest type by giving them the permission "deathbukkit.type.<name of type>" (e.g. to the set "grave" type a player should be given the "deathbukkit.type.grave" permission). If no chest type is set for a particular player, that player will not have a chest created for them.

Currently, three different death chest types exist, and they are listed below. The order of this list matters. If a player has more than one chest type set, DeathBukkit will ignore all but the type that appears first on this list.

graveCreates a sign at the place of death containing information about the player's death including time of day. By right-clicking the sign, items can be retrieved.View
doublechestCreates two chests containig the entire contents of the player's inventory. It is located at their place of death and also includes a sign, similar to "grave".View
singlechestCreates a single chests containig as much of the player's inventory that can fit. Extra items are dropped on the ground. It is located at their place of death and also includes a sign, similar to "grave".View


Please Note: Commands may also be prefixed with the alias /deathbukkit instead of /db.

/dbDisplays your number of chests.
/db locAlias for "/db loc 1".
/db loc <num>Displays chest <num>'s location.
/db tpAlias for "/db tp 1".
/db tp <num>Teleports you to chest <num>.
/db reloadReloads the config file.


Please Note: Wildcard *s are valid in permission nodes (e.g. "deathbukkit.commands.*" grants access to all permissions beginning with "deathbukkit.commands.").

deathbukkit.command.statusPermits "/deathbukkit"
deathbukkit.command.loc.firstPermits "/deathbukkit loc"
deathbukkit.command.loc.anyPermits "/deathbukkit loc <num>" "/deathbukkit tp" "/deathbukkit tp <num>"
deathbukkit.command.reloadPermits "/deathbukkit reload"
deathbukkit.type.grave"Grave"-style DeathBukkit chests should be created for this player
deathbukkit.type.doublechest"Double chest"-style DeathBukkit chests should be created for this player
deathbukkit.type.singlechest"Single chest"-style DeathBukkit chests should be created for this player


By: VariationVault

By: luigi_vampa


The latest plugin build can be downloaded here.

Latest Changes

  • Fixed config parsing
  • Fixed config loading
  • Added death sign
  • Fixed armor loading
  • Fixed serious chest inventory reading bug
  • Fixed potential TileEntity CCE
  • Re-added the ability to make chests exist of an infinite amount of time (no expiry)
  • Stops chests from "auto-expiring" on click
  • Added /db, /db loc and /db tp commands
  • Added chest type permissions
  • Added "grave" chest type
  • Added "single" chest type
  • Improved code modularization
  • Fixed config parsing bug (can't set unlockAfter to infinite when expireAfter is finite
  • Overall better code and code cleanup

Planned Features

  • More customizable options - Feel free to suggest anything!

How Can I Help?

This plugin is developed solely by me in my free time so:

  • If you are a developer would like to contribute to this project, or any of my other projects, please PM me or email me at [email protected].
  • If you are a not developer but would still like to contribute somehow, please consider donating. Donations are highly valued and much appreciated.


Developer: Keeley Hoek (escortkeel)


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