Ever go out mining or fall into a pit of lava, or somehow die? Ever wish there was an easier way to find your stuff or that it stuck around longer after death? Introducing Dead Man's Chest! With non-destructive glowstone towers (configurable) with a configurable height so you can easily find your stuff! Best of all the glowstone doesn't drop anything when mined (default), so you don't have to worry about players dying just to get free glowstone! This is the official continuation of the PlayerChestDeath plugin on the forum. I have contacted the original author by email and have official approval to do whatever I want with this plugin.

Source Code


  • No death chest if the player doesn't have anything
  • An option to require players to have a chest (or two for a double chest) in their inventory upon death to get a death chest.
  • An option to have doublechest death chests! (with permissions support)
  • Quick loot death chests!
  • Death chests disappear instantly after being quick looted
  • Permissions support!
  • Option to have a non-destructive glowstone tower over your chest
  • Configurable glowstone tower height
  • LWC locking support
  • Option to have death chests disappear after a certain time
  • Option to have the rest of your items that don't fit in the chest drop on the ground naturally or to just disappear
  • Very configurable!

Permissions (Defaults to everyone, unless otherwise noted)

  • deadmanschest.freechest - If you have the option enabled that players must have a chest in their inventory to get a death chest, this one exempts this group from that requirement (Defaults to OPs only)
  • deadmanschest.chest - Allows you to have a death chest.
  • deadmanschest.drops - Allows anything that doesn't fit in the chest to drop naturally.
  • deadmanschest.message - Announce this player's death.
  • deadmanschest.lock - If LWC is enabled this player can get a locked chest.
  • deadmanschest.beacon - Allows a beacon tower to be built for this player.
  • deadmanschest.nodelete - Exempts this player's chests from being deleted. (Defaults to OPs only if no permissions detected)
  • deadmanschest.loot - Allows the player to loot locked death chests not belonging to that player. (Defaults to OPs only)
  • deadmanschest.doublechest - Allows the player to have a doublechest death chest. (Defaults to everyone)


Edit the Config.cfg file found in plugins/DeadMansChest

#Edit this file as needed.
#Death Message must be true for the death message String to work!ChestDeleteInterval is in seconds.

#NEW! Do players need a chest in their inventory to get a death chest?
#NEW! How often, in minutes, should we save the death chests? (Set to 0 to disable)
# Should we lock chests with LWC
#Should the glowstone, chest and sign drop their respective items when mined?
#Should we build a glowstone tower
#And how high?
#Should the beacon replace water/lava blocks as well or just air blocks?
#Should we show a death message?
#Put a sign on the chest with the player name?
#If we are using LWC to lock the chest should it be a private lock or a public lock?
#If death messages are enabled the string to display.
DeathMessageString=died and left a chest where he died. 
#How long before the chest disappears and the items spill out in seconds.
#Should we drop any items normally that don't fit into the chest, or just remove them from the world.
#Should we delete the chests after a certain time frame?
#Should players be allowed to loot death chests when they sneak click on one?
# Players can only loot their own chests if LWC protection is set to private 
# or to loot any chest with lwc they need the deadmanschest.loot permission node.

#Do not change anything below this line unless you know what you are doing!
version = 0.8


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