Deadly Disasters

 What's new in V4.2?

-New disaster Meteor Showers

-Plugin now has an accessible API

-Support for Towny and GriefPrevention

-Database for collecting errors

-Tons of bug fixes

-Support to 1.13+

-Auto-updating config

-New disaster settings

-New data file to store players timers

-New help command

-Disaster offset feature

-Massive performance increase for sinkholes and earthquakes

-Improved Black Plague

-Improved Earthquakes

-Visual effects and sounds added to Tornados and Acid Storms

-A lot more stuff

Deadly Disasters

Adds naturally occurring disasters to the game to make it more challenging. This is a really hard survival challenge and is really difficult. Most disasters have different levels of severity (levels 1-6). The default chances for levels are as follow:

(Probability table can be modified in the config and no need to worry about going over 100)

30% - Level 1

25% - Level 2

20% - Level 3

15% - Level 4

9% - Level 5

1% - Level 6

(Level 6 disasters can be disabled via commands or config if desired, level 6 events can cause major lag)


Every natural disaster has custom death messages but when the server is restarted or reloaded will clear the memory of old earthquakes and sinkholes, mobs will only freeze above surface level during blizzards to prevent major lag.


Keep in mind that this plugin was developed for 1.16-1.17 and earlier version support may be very laggy!


Any donations are much appreciated and motivate me to continue development, I do this as a hobby and I hope you enjoy my work!


Config Options:

    # Min timer is the minimum time in seconds a disaster can occur on a player. Each player has their own timer and the formula is random(time, time / 2)
    min_timer: 90
    # Toggles random disasters from occurring
    disasters: true
    # Toggles level 6 disasters from occurring
    level_six: true
    # Toggles messages in chat from disasters occurring
    event_broadcast: true
    # The offset is the radius a disaster can occur from a player. For example an offset of 0 will make disasters spawn directly on players, an offset of 10 will make disasters spawn anywhere within a 10 block radius
    disaster_offset: 10
    # Opt out of anonymous error sharing. Please keep this on because these error logs help me fix bugs and improve performance in future updates
    opt-out-error-sharing: false
    # If set to true then admins will receive a message about updates for the plugin upon joining if any are available
    update_notify: true
    # Blacklists worlds from disasters naturally occurring. Disasters can still be spawned in these worlds from admin commands. The format is as follows
    - exampleWorld
    # Blacklists blocks from being damaged in disasters. The format is as follows
    - bedrock
    - end_portal_frame
    - end_portal
    - nether_portal
    # The table below is the chances for each level of disaster when one occurs. You do not need to worry about going over 100%
    Level 1: 30
    Level 2: 25
    Level 3: 20
    Level 4: 15
    Level 5: 9
    Level 6: 1
    # This lets you toggle specific disasters from naturally occurring. Disasters toggled off can still be spawned with admin commands
    sinkholes: true
    caveins: true
    tornados: true
    geysers: true
    earthquakes: true
    acidstorms: true
    extremewinds: true
    soulstorms: true
    blizzards: true
    sandstorms: true
    plagues: true
    tsunamis: true
    meteorshowers: true
    # Modify messages sent by the plugin. Do not set this to be empty it will not work, if you do not want any messages then turn off event_broadcast in general
    console_error_message: '&cUnable to execute command from console!'
    permission_error: '&cYou do not have permission to use that!'
        level 1: '&aLevel: 1 %disaster% &6event starting at: &a%location% &e(%player%)'
        level 2: '&2Level: 2 %disaster% &6event starting at: &a%location% &e(%player%)'
        level 3: '&bLevel: 3 %disaster% &6event starting at: &a%location% &e(%player%)'
        level 4: '&eLevel: 4 %disaster% &6event starting at: &a%location% &e(%player%)'
        level 5: '&cLevel: 5 %disaster% &6event starting at: &a%location% &e(%player%)'
        level 6: '&4&lLevel: 6 %disaster% &6event starting at: &a%location% &e(%player%)'
        level 1: '&6A &2very short %disaster% &6is about to begin'
        level 2: '&6A &ashort %disaster% &6is about to begin'
        level 3: '&6A &blong %disaster% &6is about to begin'
        level 4: '&6A &every long %disaster% &6is about to begin'
        level 5: '&6An &cextremely long %disaster% &6is about to begin'
            level 1: '&aVery light &fWinds &6are approaching'
            level 2: '&bLight &fWinds &6are approaching'
            level 3: '&9Strong &fWinds &6are approaching'
            level 4: '&eVery strong &fWinds &6are approaching'
            level 5: '&cExtremely strong &fWinds &6are approaching'
            level 6: '&4&lSeverely strong &fWinds &6are approaching'
            started: '&eA mob has contracted the &0Black Plague'
    # Lets you modify some settings for external API's
        # If set to true then disasters will not occur nor damage any regions
        region_protection: true
        # If set to true then weather disaster effects will be ignored in regions such as damage from acid storms
        ignore_weather_effects_in_regions: true
        # If set to true then any mobs baring the plague will be cured upon entering regions
        cure_plague_in_regions: true
        claim_protection: true
        ignore_weather_effects_in_claims: true
        cure_plague_in_claims: true
        claim_protection: true
        ignore_weather_effects_in_claims: true
        cure_plague_in_claims: true
        claim_protection: true
        ignore_weather_effects_in_claims: true
        cure_plague_in_claims: true
# Individual settings for disasters
    # How fast sinkholes fall. This effects performance
    speed: 5
    # Size multiplier
    size: 1.0
    # If set to true then skinholes can naturally occur in the nether
    allow_in_nether: true
    # If set to true then skinholes can naturally occur in the end
    allow_in_end: true
    # Volume multiplier for sounds related to this disaster
    volume: 1.0
    # How fast earthquakes move. This effects performance
    tick_speed: 5
    size: 1.0
    # Tilt is how much earthquakes can fall off their path. The higher the number the more natural earthquakes will be but more blocks will be missed
    tilt: 0.3
    # Force multiplier for how strong earthquakes can throw nearby entities
    force: 1.0
    allow_in_nether: true
    allow_in_end: true
    volume: 1.0
    volume: 1.0
    # Amount of particles each entity spawns in Tornados
    particle_count: 3
    volume: 1.0
    # How much damage water geysers do to entities per disaster tick. Entities with fire resistance will not be burned
    water_damage: 1.5
    volume: 1.0
    # The minimum depth of water needed for a tsunami to occur above. Tsunamis can only occur in ocean biomes
    minimum_depth: 15
    size: 1.0
    # Damage to entities inside the tsunami every disaster tick
    damage: 3.0
    # If set to true then tsunamis will clear the water shortly after
    remove_water: true
    volume: 1.0
    # Delay in seconds for disaster to begin after the event message is broadcast
    start_delay: 5
        # How long the disaster will last in seconds for each level
        level 1: 30
        level 2: 60
        level 3: 120
        level 4: 200
        level 5: 300
    # If set to true then after sandstorms end all mobs related will have a chance of placing a skeleton skull down before despawning
    mobs_drop_skulls: true
    # If set to true then entities inside sandstorms will suffer from wither
    wither_effect: true
    volume: 1.0
    start_delay: 5
        level 1: 30
        level 2: 60
        level 3: 120
        level 4: 200
        level 5: 300
    # If set to true then entites can freeze into solid ice during blizzards
    freeze_entities: true
    # If set to true then players wearing a full leather armor set will not take damage in blizzards
    leather_armor_protection: true
    volume: 1.0
    start_delay: 5
        level 1: 30
        level 2: 60
        level 3: 120
        level 4: 200
        level 5: 300
    # Damage done to entities in acid rain
    damage: 1.0
    # If set to true then metal items will melt if left in acid rain such as iron, gold, and chainmail
    melt_dropped_items: true
    # If set to true then entities wearing metal armor such as iron, gold, or chainmail will take extra damage to their armor
    melt_armor: true
    # If set to true then acidic particles will appear in rain
    particles: true
    volume: 1.0
    start_delay: 5
        level 1: 30
        level 2: 60
        level 3: 120
        level 4: 200
        level 5: 300
    # If set to true then vex's will spawn around players in soulstorms
    spawn_vex: true
    volume: 1.0
    start_delay: 5
        level 1: 30
        level 2: 60
        level 3: 80
        level 4: 100
        level 5: 120
        level 6: 120
        # The force of the wind for each level. This will have a big impact on performance
        level 1: 0.02
        level 2: 0.04
        level 3: 0.075
        level 4: 0.175
        level 5: 0.3
        level 6: 3
    volume: 1.0
    start_delay: 5
        level 1: 30
        level 2: 60
        level 3: 80
        level 4: 100
        level 5: 120
    # If set to true then when a meteor storm begins it will temporarily set the time to night
    set_night: true
    # Maximum amount of meteors that can exist at a time. This will impact performance
    max_meteors: 20
    # How often meteors update. This will effect performance
    tick_speed: 1
    # How long in seconds smoke particles remain from meteor impact zones
    smoke_time: 15
    volume: 1.0



I have a discord server you can join if you need any help with the plugin or API to get fast support. You can also make suggestions for future updates!

World Guard:

This plugin has a soft depend on world guard so you can protect your regions, world guard is not required and if you use world guard but do not want region protection you can disable the feature in the config. If world guard protection is enabled and you have world guard installed then disasters will not occur on or damage any regions regardless of flags. WARNING disasters might damage regions if they are not expanded vertically.


This plugin has a soft depend on CoreProtect so you can roll back any damage caused by disasters under the user "deadly-disasters". CoreProtect is completely optional and the plugin will work just fine without it. Note that blocks damaged after a disaster will not be logged by the user "deadly-disasters" such as leaves decaying from missing trees. Entities that are killed by disasters will not be rolled back as the API does not support this.


This plugin has a soft depend on Towny and will not damage any claimed regions that are expanded vertically!


This plugin has a soft depend on GriefPrevention and will not damage any claimed regions.


This plugin has an accessible API which you can use to start disasters or listen for disasters in your own plugins, the documentation is here.

Current Disasters:

Sinkholes - The terrain around the player begins to fall to the depths of the world into pools of lava (Overworld, Nether, End) (Most biomes)

Sinkholes V2.2

Earthquakes - The world cracks and forms pools of lava at bedrock throwing all players and mobs around with tremors for the bigger earthquakes (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)

Earthquake V1.0

Tornadoes - Wind rapidly spins pulling blocks and all entities around in this cyclone throwing them far and high in the sky (Overworld, Nether, End) (Most biomes)

Tornados V2.0

Cave Ins - The roof caves in over you and crushes you, watch out when you go deep in a cave (Overworld, Nether) (All biomes)

Water Geysers - A boiling hot water spurt from deep within the earth launches you to the high skies, the water is hot and burns to the touch (Overworld) (All biomes)

Lava Geysers - A burst of lava launches you through the pits of the nether burning to the touch (Nether) (All biomes)

Acid Storms - Acidic rain falls from the sky burning all players and mobs and melts metals so make sure not to drop your tools (Overworld) (All biomes with rain)

Extreme Winds - Strong winds send players and mobs flying through the map, its best to hide underground during these winds (Overworld) (All biomes)

Soul Storms - Storms made of lost souls in the nether, some souls are hostile and deadly (Nether) (All biomes)

Blizzards - Freezing cold storms that will literally freeze mobs and players in solid ice, mobs can be thawed out after the storm, you will need a fire to keep warm (Overworld) (All biomes with snow)

Sand Storms - Very strong gusts of wind that blow sand everywhere making the desert truly dead (Overworld) (Desert and mesa desert biomes)

Black Plague - Deadly disease that can spread from mobs with a very low survival rate (Overworld, Nether, End) (All biomes)

Tsunamis - A dangerous burst of water that will make ocean traveling much more dangerous (Overworld) (Ocean biomes)

Meteor Showers - The sky turns dark and meteors come falling from the sky causing massive destruction (Overworld) (All biomes)




/disasters mintimer <seconds> sets the minimum time in seconds for a natural disaster to have a chance of occurring, default is 90 (Very difficult!).

/disasters <enable | disable> <all | maxlevels | disaster> - toggle all disasters from occurring or toggle level 6 disasters from occurring (level 6 disasters will convert to level 5's) or toggle a specific disaster.

/disasters <enable | disable> all - This is the command to toggle on or off all disasters from naturally occurring.

/disasters <enable | disable> eventmsg - enable or disable the broadcasting of natural disasters occurring.

/disasters reload - reloads the config.

/disasters help [disaster]Lists all the commands or info about the specified disaster.


/disasters start <disaster name> [level] [player] - lets you start a specified disaster from your location (will select a random level if unspecified).


Coming soon:

Landslides/Avalanches - Unstable ground on mountains can bury you under rocks or snow (Overworld) (Mountain biomes)

End Storm - Very violent storms caused by unstable rifts in the void (End)

Solar Storms - Very dangerous storms that can burn the world with the heat of the sun (Overworld)


Please report any bugs to the discord and do not leave error logs or bug reports in the reviews!


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