Keep a player's inventory in a chest (deadchest) when he dies. This deadchest is placed at the location where the player dies with a holographic text with the owner and a timer of remaining time before the chest disappear ! When the timer end, the chest is destroy with all the content in it.

You can edit duration of deadchests, you can also make chest with no timer (infiny chest). Chest can be private (only the owner of the deadchest can open it or an admin) or public (anyone can open it and get the content).


Keep a player's inventory in a chest when he dies.

  • All the inventory is save ( Armor too ! )
  • Chest appear at the location who the player die
  • Holographic display of the player and the remaining time
  • Unlimited players and unlimited chests 
  • Permissions
  • Can be disable for some world
  • Grief protection ( destroy / explosion)
  • Compatible with Citizens 2
  • Work on 1.13.2 ,1.14.x, 1.15.x and 1.16.x
  • List of commands :
    • Admin commands (reload plugin / see deadchest of players / remove deadchests)
    • Player commands (see own deadchests / remove own deadchest
  • Customizable
    • Choose how long the chest remain
    • Choose who can open the chest
    • Choose if the chest is destroyable or not
    • Choose the number of chest per player
    • Choose if you want to clean deadchests on startup
    • Choose the langage of the plugin (just edit locale.yml !)
    • Choose if you want to log new deadchests 

~ 3.3 Update ~

New update of 20/05/2020 ! Check the changelog here.




  • /dc reload : reload the plugin (deadchest.admin)
  • /dc remove : remove all deadchests of the current player (deadchest.admin & deadchest.remove.own)
  • /dc remove (PlayerName) : remove all deadchests of a player (deadchest.admin & deadchest.remove.other)
  • /dc removeinfinate : remove all infiny chest (deadchest.admin
  • /dc removeall : remove all deadchests (deadchest.admin)
  • /dc list : list all deadchest of the current player (deadchest.list.own)
  • /dc list all : list all deadchest (deadchest.list.other)
  • /dc list (PlayerName) : list all deadchest of a player (deadchest.list.other)
  • /dc giveBack(PlayerName) : return the oldest deadchest inventory of a player to him (deadchest.giveBack)


  • deadchest.generate : Allow player to generate deadchest on death 
  • deadchest.chestPass : Allow player to open all deadchests
  • deadchest.infinityChest : On death, player deadchest never disappear
  • deadchest.admin : Allow player to use admin commands
  • deadchest.remove.own : Allow player to remove his own deadchests
  • deadchest.remove.other  : Allow player to remove deadchests
  • deadchest.list.own : Allow player to list his own deadchests
  • deadchest.list.other : Allow player to list deadchests
  • deadchest.giveBack: Allow a player to give back a deadchest inventory

Installation & Update

First installation

Just drag and drop DeadChest.jar to your plugins file and launch your server. In the plugin/deadchest folder you will find 3 files :

  • config.yml : File to edit the configuration of the plugin (you should open it and put the params you want !)
  • locale.yml : Langage file, english by default, you can edit this file to the langage you want
  • chestData.yml : Do not open or edit this file, it's here that all data about the plugin is stored.

Update from a previous version

Before making the update you need to do these step:

  • Be sure that no deadchest are living in your worlds.
  • Shutdown your server and remove the folder DeathChest
  • Put the new jar file
  • Relaunch the server ( DeadChest folder is generate again with configs file)
  • Update your params by editing config.yml and locale.yml

If you remove the deadchest folder and some deadchests was still alive, all these deadchest are now corrupted. If a player break a deadchest, he will get nothing back and the holographic text will stay. if you are in this case don't worry, I made a command to handle this case. Just type /dc repair next to corrupted deadchests. (You need to be OP or have permission (deadchest.admin)


Please read the FAQ if you have any trouble. If you find any issue, please report it on the dedicated section.


Please don't just tell "it does not work". Give me information, plugin version, bukkit/spigot/paper version, a description of what doesn't work, and log. Thanks !


  • Add more permissions
  • Configuration to edit the max deadchest per player
  • Add timer on chest ( thanks Anormalcat for the idea)
  • Command to clear infinate chests 
  • Command to clear all chests
  • Command to clear specific player's deadchests
  • Command to clear own chest
  • Autoclean system on startup
  • File translation
  • Edit permission deadchest.keepInventory to deadchest.generate
  • Option to disable plugin for certain worlds
  • Beacon on deathchest
  • Manage deadchest when player fall out of the world
  • Autoclean interval system
  • Group system for custom deadchest duration
  • cycle on max deadchest : new deadchest remove the older one
  • [BUG] Add Command feedback (/dc)
  • Add auto-completion on command
  • Option to disable chest in PVP
  • /Unlock command to share chest with someone
  • Items go directly to player instead of been dropped on the floor (config option)
  • Don't replace water/lava with deadchest
  • Add system to allow other plugin to put something in chest
  • Paid system to access the chest
  • Option to merge deadchest on death
  • [BUG] Remove dclist
  • [BUG]Bed explosion nether & end
  • Don't push items with curse of vanishing in deadchest
  • Command to TP deadchest to a given player
  • Make your proposals !

Other plugins

You will find below the list of all my plugins. They are all updated with the latest version and try to offer you the best experience possible.



All my plugins are free. I spend lot of time per week to add features, fix bugs, help people (more than 20h/week). If you like my work and want to keep these plugins alive, you can support me by making a Paypal donation, just hit the button "Support Me". Thank you !

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