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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Welcome to the DayZ Plugin



This plugin adds in a lot of the mechanics (mostly health related) from the DayZ Mod, such as thirst, blood bags, breaking your legs, etc. It's purpose is to make the apocalypse harder, more intense, and to increase realistic gameplay.

Current Features
  • Humanity: You can set custom bandit, survivor, and hero humanity levels. You gain/loose levels from preforming actions.
  • Leg Breaking: If you fall for more than 8 blocks, your legs will break (Slowness potion effect). To fix them, right click with a bone.
  • BloodBags: You can turn off normal healing, and make it so players have to right click each other with bloodbags (redstone) to heal one another.
  • Bandages: Players may bandage themselves, which stops the bleeding (poison) option from zombies
  • Thirst: Your player's thirst is shown on the XP bar. When you get thirsty, you will start to slowly die (configurable).
  • Sunproof Zombies: Zombies will not burn in the sun (configurable)
  • Zombie Bites: Configurable change and length of potion effects that can be given to players when bitten
  • Anti Swear: Configure words that players are not allowed to say.
  • Anti block place: Configure blocks that cannot be placed.
  • Anti block break: Configure blocks that cannot be broken.
  • Anti item pickup: Configure items that cannot be picked up
  • Custom helmets for different humanity levels
  • Keep level on death
  • Fast moving zombies
Features in Next Update

Update uploaded. It's in bukkit's hands now

Upcoming Features
  • Tents- pitch a tent
  • Campfire- make a campfire
  • Detection- crouching and being in tall grass will make it harder for zombie to see you
  • Public hive servers (have multiple servers with shared player data)

====== Featured Servers ======

  • RealCraftZ:
  • IP:
  • MCEmpire
  • IP:
  • Notes - Once you join the server type "/server apocalypse" to be transferred to the correct server

Want your server here? Pm me!


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