Day/Night - PvP & Difficulty Cycle

A PvP & Difficulty day/night timer to allow PVP only at night and change difficulty between Day/Night cycles.



  • You can choose the worlds allowed to change the PVP/Difficulty changed by the day/night cycles;
  • The pvp and difficulty is changed by worlds and not for all server at once;
  • You can choose the sound, difficulty, start/end pvp times and the default difficulty for other worlds.
  • Customizable messages to show when pvp starts/end and can show the actual difficulty in this messages;
  • Light weight plugin with only one runnable process, and command to full reload the plugin, including reload by console;
  • Hooks with RedProtect, WorldGuard, Factions and GriefPrevention. If one of regions of this plugins is detected on player location, this plugin will do nothing and use the region's pvp flag.


Video showcase by ShinyTinselWorm:



- pvpdifftimer.* - All permissions - Allowed to op by default;
- pvpdifftimer.admin - To use the reload command "/pvptimer reload";
- pvpdifftimer.bypass - To bypass pvptimer and always allow pvp;


  • The difficulties are NORMAL, PEACEFUL, ADVENTURE, HARD and optionally, use NONE to do not change the difficulty;
  • The list of Sounds you can see in this page or set to NONE to do not use sounds!
# Enable debug messages
Enable-Debug: false
# Default difficulty and messages for new worlds. This configuration bypass other plugins/configurations like Multiverse difficulty configuration.
  Difficulty: NORMAL
  PvP-On-Message: "&4It's Night! PvP is enabled! ({difficulty})"
  PvP-Off-Message: "&aThe sun rises! PvP is off! ({difficulty})"
# Worlds in your server
    #Enable this world to change pvp/diff?
    Enabled: true
    #Ignore pvp and change ONLY the difficulty on day/night cicles.
    Only-Difficulty: false
      # Message to show at night. Leave blank to disable.
      Message: '&4Its Night! PvP is enabled! ({difficulty})'
      # Difficulty to set at night
      Difficulty: HARD
      # PvP start time
      Time: 13000
      # Sound to play at night. Leave blank to disable.
      Sound: AMBIENT_CAVE #(for 1.8 and 1.7 use: AMBIENCE_CAVE)
      #Execute a list of commands.
      - command1
      - command2
      # Message to show at day. Leave blank to disable.
      Message: '&2The sun rises! PvP is off! ({difficulty})'
      # Difficulty to set at day
      Difficulty: NORMAL
      # PvP end time
      Time: 0
      # Sound to play at day. Leave blank to disable.
      Sound: ENTITY_CHICKEN_HURT #(for 1.8 and 1.7 use: CHICKEN_HURT)
      #Execute a list of commands.
      - command1
      - command2


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