Darmok is an extremely light-weight chat channel management and filtering plugin. Designed to address the needs of both large and small servers; it offers fully configurable channels, a better profanity filtering system (optional), additional permissions to better control channel access/use/management, and a lot more.

Darmok was designed to feel very similar to existing chat plugins, but it packs a lot more "bang for the buck".



  • No database required
  • Define any number of channels - with configurable colors, message formats, etc
  • Per-channel permissions for read and speak let you control who sees and who can talk to a channel.
  • Permissions to allow players to auto-join, or have channels automatically set as default
  • Abides by the Essentials /mute command
  • Towny integration (optional). Duplicates the town chat or nation chat commands
  • Players may join/leave a channel if the channel permissions allow it
  • Moderators may force players into a specific channel
  • Moderators may kick players from a channel
  • Moderators may ban/unban players from a specific channel
  • Smart profanity filter (optional) - catches most "leet-speak", ignores characters meant to bypass, etc
  • Caps-lock filter (optional) - Limit capital letters in a sentence to a percentage, with a minimum string length
  • Permission node to use color/text codes in chat
  • List available channels, or channels you're currently in


Move the darmok.jar file to your plugins folder.

Vault necessary if you wish to have permissions prefix/suffixes in chat messages.

Darmok comes with default channels you're likely familiar with.

Modify the configuration if you wish, but it comes with sensible defaults.


  • darmok.channel.CHANNEL_NAME_HERE.read - Messages to this channel can be seen by the player
  • darmok.channel.CHANNEL_NAME_HERE.speak - Player may send messages to this channel
  • darmok.channel.CHANNEL_NAME_HERE.autojoin - Players will auto-join this channel unless they have settings otherwise.
  • darmok.list - List all available channels, or list channels you're subscribed to
  • darmok.chatcolor - Use chat color codes or text formatting codes in messages
  • darmok.channel.CHANNEL_NAME_HERE.kick - Permission to kick players from any channel
  • darmok.channel.CHANNEL_NAME_HERE.ban - Permission to ban players from any channel
  • darmok.mod - Gives force/kick/ban capabilities for every channel


  • /(channel alias) - Join channel and make it the default. Example: /g to set global as the default.
  • /(channel alias) (msg) - Send a message to the channel no matter which channel you're in. Example: /g hi there
  • /ch leave (channel) - Leave a channel - you will no longer receive messages for this channel
  • /ch join (channel) - Join a channel
  • /ch force (player) (channel) - Force a player to switch to another channel. For those noobs who don't get what local is for ;)
  • /ch kick (player) (channel) - Kicks a player from a channel, but they may return.
  • /ch ban (player) (channel) - Bans a player from a channel. They may not return




Get Help

IRC: irc.esper.net #prism


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States



Designed to solve specific needs for our Minecraft server, DHMC.

  • viveleroi (Creator, Lead Dev)
  • nasonfish, Ollie2000, YeaItsMe (Alpha Testers)
  • Everyone on DHMC in March 2013 and after
  • Metrics class Copyright 2013 Tyler Blair. All rights reserved.
  • Artwork by Arton123


This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which, if enabled, anonymously tracks the following about your server at mcstats.org: A unique identifier, server java version, online mode, plugin & server versions, OS version/name and architecture, cpu core count, player counts.

This information is used purely to help inform our technical decisions and boost our egos with how many people are enjoying our work.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

Donate to Vive

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I'm viveleroi, author of Darmok and other plugins like Prism, Craftys, DarkMythos, InventoryToolkit, and more. There's no pay in making plugins but it's rewarding knowing you all use them - so please help bridge the gap and donate to cover my own time and money investment.

So please, make a donation and make it easier for me to continue with these amazing plugins.


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