Dark Waters

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Dark Waters is a very very alpha plugin that is meant to provide a fun solo, team, or PVP experience to simulate battle on the high seas. Captain ships, find sunken treasure, and use scavenge hooks to pull it up from the seafloor!

Current Features

  • Water damage: set the depth, frequency, and amount of damage applied when players try to swim. The waters are evil!
  • Teams: Set the number of teams you want, and assign players to them randomly.
  • Spawns: Every team starts on a different island, with a shipwreck nearby. Hidden in the wreck is a chest with important supplies.
  • Salvage cranes: Build a salvage crane on the land or the ocean, and flip the switch to make it drop its hook. Once it hits a block, it will pull that block up to your waiting hands.
  • Sunken treasure: Every team has several chests of sunken treasure somewhere in the waters around their spawn. Use a salvage crate to pull it up!
  • Magic compass: When holding a certain block (iron, gold, lapis, redstone, diamond), your compass will point to one of your treasures.

Planned Features

  • Win condition! There's no way to win right now. Eventually, you will need to place dragon's eggs or some other McGuffin you find your chests within a central structure.
  • Ships! They are almost done. I found Movecraft didn't work quite well enough for my purposes, so I am implementing my own option.
  • Cannons and stuff! I want to add lots of fun stuff you can add to your ships to make combat cool.
  • Play testing! I've barely tested this at all, so it's not fun quite yet. Will need a lot of tweaks and such.
  • And more, as it comes to me.

You need to use something like TerrainControl to make islands created. This plugin will probably not really work right with a regular world. It needs a lot of ocean. Also, using Movecraft until I finish my Ship implementation will be a good idea.

The goal for this plugin is to make a really fun PVP game that could either go 30 minutes per match or several hours, depending on settings and number of players. I'm trying to get the feeling of the high seas and exploration, and have most of the PVP be fairly indirect, based around finding McGuffins and stealing them from other players.

A warning that it is currently very rough, but can be played around with. I would love any feedback for future improvements.

Also, this is currently closed source, but I might open source it later. I just haven't thought about it for now.

Instructions 1) Put the plugin into your plugins folder. 2) Run the server. 3) Go and edit the newly generated plugins/Dark Waters/config.yml 4) Change anything you want here. All features will be enabled by default. If you want to disable any, change their values to false. More details on every individual keys for the config below.

  • Set up teams: /darkwaters teams # [worldName] It can be run from a server, as long as you provide a world name. If you don't, it will use the caller's world (so if a player calls it, then it will work without a world). The # is how many teams you want to generate. Currently, you must have at least as many players on your server as you want to generate teams for. Teams will be randomly assigned. When a team is created, their spawn will be put on a random bit of land, and however much treasure is specified in the config will be placed around their spawn on the ocean floor.
  • Create a salvage platform: This must be built physically in the world. You will need: 3 iron blocks, 6 wooden planks, 6 iron bars, 1 redstone torch, 1 lever. The lever must be placed last, or the salvage will not be recognized. There is also an issue with ship collision with salvage platforms, so you'll get a message about your ship being too small. Don't worry on it. Flip the switch to watch the salvage go. It will drop its rope until you flip the switch back or until it pulls a block up. Schematic
  • Use the special compass: If you've used the teams command to place treasure, then you can hold either an iron block, a gold block, a redstone block, a lapis block, or a diamond block in your hand. That will update the compass to point to a different one of the sunken treasures. If you're holding a stick, then your compass will point to an opponent's spawn.
  • Water damage: Go for a swim. If the water is deep enough, you'll get damaged. Better use a ship! This is called Dark Waters, after all.

More to come!

Config values

  • damageAmount: This is how much water damages players when they go for a swim.
  • damageDelay: This is how often, in game ticks, that a swimmer is damaged. Lower is more often. Don't set this too low or you can overload your server.
  • minimumWaterDepthToDamage: This is how deep the water must be to damage the player.
  • distanceBetweenSpawns: The is the minimum distance allowed between different teams' spawns. It also is the radius used for treasure spawning.
  • spawnBeachRadius: The spawn is created with a circular beach. This is the radius of that beach, in blocks.
  • startingChestContents: This is what objects exist in the chest for each spawn. The first number is the data value, the second is the count.
  • boatSchematic: This is what is generated at each spawn. A 0 means air, an S means sand, an F means fence, a W means wood, a C means chest (will be filled with the starting chest contents), an N means nether fence, and a G means glass. DEPRECATED
  • boatSchematicCols: This is how many columns are in the boat schematic. If you edit the schematic, this must match. DEPRECATED
  • boatSchematicRows: This is how many rows are in the boat schematic. If you edit the schematic, this must match. DEPRECATED
  • compassPointingDelay: How long in milliseconds between updates of the compass. You can generally make this pretty high values (even up to 1000) and it will still feel fine for the player. Beware very low values, which can overload your server.
  • compassMinRadius: The minimum radius in blocks the compass will point to. This means, you must be this far away from a treasure to have the compass point to it. A 0 means that it can point from any closeness.
  • compassMaxRadius: The maximum radius in blocks the compass will point to. This means that you must be closer to a treasure than this value to have the compass point to it. Make sure this value is sufficiently high based on your spawn radius.
  • treasurePerTeam: An array of objects. value is the number of dragon eggs that exist in that chest. compassMaterial is the type of block you must hold to point your compass to this treasure. minimumDepth is the depth in the ocean that this treasure will be spawned. It will bore a hole to get that deep. Make sure not to exceed the value of your sea level, or you can end up going below the world.
  • compassEnabled: You can set this to false to not use the compass.
  • shipsEnabled: You can set this to false to not use the ships.
  • treasureEnabled: You can set this to false to not spawn treasure.
  • waterDamageEnabled: You can set this to false to not damage swimmers.
  • salvageEnabled: You can set this to false to not allow salvage platforms.


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