Dann's World Generator - Oasis Desert Demo

This plugin generates an infinite desert with occasional oasis jungles. The overgrown jungles are made up of plants which are grown individually in real time as the world generates, and are hydrated by the desert's underground rivers. This means that every tree is unique, and nature looks so much more organic! The terrain provides an exciting and rough survival experience embellished by the beautiful scenery.
The Big Project
This is a small piece of a much larger project which aims at bringing a big upgrade to Minecraft's world generation. The larger project is called Dann's World Generator, and will bring biomes that have currently only been possible by hand-building them. I go in more depth on my Patreon page's intro (you don't have to pay).
The development process is extremely time consuming and I sadly can't afford to develop this by myself. This is why I opened a Patreon page for those who are really interested in the future of this project and want to support it's development.
This is a demonstration of "Dann's World Generator" which I've been designing for the past 8 months. In this plugin I use the "Oasis Desert" biome to demonstrate what's coming to the greater project and share my process with the community.
I've been fascinated with procedural world generation ever since I saw screenshots of worlds generated using the PhoenixTerrain plugin for Bukkit back in 2011.
About 8 months ago I started playing around with Spigot's API and I soon realized I'd have to write the generator engine decoupled from Spigot, so I started writing.
The Terrain
The terrain in this plugin has two layers of land: the desert top and the overgrown bottom. A network of rivers under the desert connect all the oasis jungles through gigantic tunnels. In this demo the caves and ore distribution are similar to vanilla.
The Trees
The trees are grown in real time as the world generates. In other words they are not pre-built and every single tree is unique and different from the other trees of it's species. You might even find some rare ones that are a bit different than the rest of their species, just like in nature.
This generator supports multi-core processing. This means that if your server has access to multiple CPU cores, the world will also generate faster. The more CPU cores you have the faster the world will generate. From my tests the plugin handles well a server with more than 480MB, but strongly recommend testing on your machine before deploying.
Missing From This Version
Although I tried to make this demo playable, I couldn't add in this version all the gameplay necessities from vanilla Minecraft. For example there are no structures such as villages and dungeons, and some block types might be missing from the world. If you're planning to use this on a survival server I recommend creating a shop for the missing items, or having this world in parallel with a vanilla world.
Future versions of this demo will bring over more vanilla gameplay features, so if you like what you're seeing please consider donating or subscribing to my Patreon for exclusive access to development builds of the larger project and more. :)
Installation Instructions
1. Download the jar file from this page.
2. Make sure you are running either Spigot 1.14.x or 1.15.x.
3. Drag this plugin in the /plugins/ folder of your server.
4. In bukkit.yml add at the end:
[code]worlds:</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp; yourworldname:</div> <div data-redactor="1">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; generator: DannsWGDesertOasisDemo[/code]
5. You can either delete your old world folder to start from fresh, or teleport very far from your previous game.


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