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  • _ForgeUser8921845 created this issue Oct 13, 2014

    Hello i'm using a plugin (Mythic Mobs) to create custom item by setting item attribute.

    I'm in a world A with 30 hearts (2x15).
    I'm wearing an item which give me 4 hearts so I have 34 hearts.
    I'm using a warp to go in another world (B) (with separate inventory and health) and then I have 38 hearts !! Instead of 30 of course.
    When I come back in the world A I have 40 hearts, when I come back in the world B I have 44 hearts etc...

    I can have unlimited hearts :/
    I tried to disable your plugin and everything work so it is an issue in your plugin I guess.

    Thanks for taking care of it and tell me as soon as you get a fix ;)


  • _ForgeUser8921845 added the tags New Defect Oct 13, 2014
  • Forge_User_74967307 posted a comment Oct 14, 2014

    No it is not a bug in my plugin, there is a problem with that plugin which is adding you hearths through some item because DakadoHealth is updating your health based on plugin data and when you have 4 more HP than expected DakadoHealth plugin is confused. So... sorry but it is impossible to use DakadoHalth with Mythic Mobs. Sorry.

  • _ForgeUser8921845 posted a comment Oct 15, 2014

    Thanks for your answer Welite.

    Too bad, i'll find another way.

    I thought you can update HP each time I change world and so, remove cheated hearts.


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