Written for MC v1.6.4 by Matt5067 and Xurame! - Over 4,000 Downloads!

DailyDiamond is back and better then ever, recoded with the things that YOU want! We've added all the features that were requested in the comments, plus much more! Have a suggestion or bug report? Submit a Ticket! See the Features List for a complete list of what this plugin does!


Want to reward certain players such as Staff or Donators with an item when they log on, or by a command? Now you can, with DailyDiamond! Use permissions to decide what item to give, and specify how many in the config! You can also control when the user can receive it (every login, once a day, etc.)! You can also specify the message that is sent to the user upon giving the item, with color code support!

Features List:

  • Use permissions to decide what item(s) to give the player when they log in!
  • Give a user in-game currency upon logging in! (Requires Vault)
  • Specify a time every time the user can receive the item in seconds (Ex. One time a day!)
  • Set a custom message upon rewarding the item! (Color Code Support!)

Upcoming Features:

  • Give a user a custom item specified in the config file upon logging in!
  • Specify a command to run upon login.
  • Integrate with WorldGuard for getting an item when entering a region.
  • Add command to bypass/reset the players timer for receiving the item.
  • Update to MC 1.7.2 (PV 1.5.2)


  • /dda reload - Reloads the Config File!
  • /ddcollect - Collect your Reward!
  • /dd help - Shows basic info and help!

Permission Nodes:

  • dd.d - Give the user a Diamond upon logging in!
  • dd.c - Give the user a Cake upon logging in!
  • dd.ga - Give the user a Golden Apple upon logging in!
  • dd.a - Give the user an Apple upon logging in!
  • dd.gi - Give the user a Gold Ingot upon logging in!
  • dd.money - Give the user Money upon logging in! (Requires Vault)
  • dd.reload - Give access to /dda reload command! (Admin Only)
  • dd.collect - Allows use of the /ddcollect command!

Installation Guide

Installation is simple, just drag DailyDiamond.jar into your /plugins folder and stop the server! You can then configure the plugin through the config.yml folder, and start up your server! Missing your config, or confused? Check the Default Config Here!

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Help & Support

If you need help or have a question about the plugin, please Submit a Ticket rather then using the comments. Please use the comments for praise and/or criticism instead of getting help. You'll be answered much faster via ticket because we receive a notification!


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