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Welcome to CWorld, where your creativity can change the world...


Have you ever created new worlds for hours, but never found the one you desired? Do you want a custom world that would perfectly fit the theme of your server? Or do you simply dislike the new world generator? Well, all of that can be fixed, using CWorld (short for Custom World).

What is CWorld?

CWorld is a terrain generator that produces exactly the world you want/need! The only thing you need is some creativity and patience, because what happens is you draw your world yourself! Using your images, representing exactly the world you want.


Currently working on:

  • Biome output
  • Basic Terrain (Height Map)
  • Configuration


  • Overhangs (Volatility Map)
  • Trees & Flora
  • Water (Rivers, Oceans, Lakes, ...)
  • Caves
  • Ores

Even farther away from now:

  • Structures
  • Custom trees
  • Chests & other goodies around the world

Click here to see a list of planned image types.

How it works

Full tutorial will follow soon...

Start your server and specify the seed as well as the world size. It will output a couple of images, including a map of the biomes (grass colors), which you can base your other images on. Once your images are done, enter a world name and it will generate YOUR world. (Tip: To get familiar with how the images are used, try smaller worlds first!)


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