CWDeath - Player death & life stats.

This plugin logs death and life stats about each player that plays on your server. Death and life stats can be checked from in game using commands, allowing players to view their deaths and life stats, from the console with commands, or by viewing the config.yml which is updated each time a player dies.

All of my plugins will be prefixed with CW as they are all written for my CraftyWolf server.


  • Per player death stat logging.
  • Death counters:
    • Total deaths since joining the server or since last reset by an admin.
    • Session deaths for just that login. This is cleared on next login, allowing admins to view it after the player has left.
    • A personal death counter that players can reset whenever they like (if they have the required permission).
    • Average deaths per session.
  • Life counters:
    • Last life length.
    • Total life length.
    • Longest life length.
    • Shortest life length.
    • Average life length.
    • Current life length.
  • Reports a players life length to them when they die and if it was a longest or shortest life.
  • Supports permissions.


Commands & Permissions
To do

If you encounter any errors, please submit a ticket rather than a comment. It's much easier to follow.


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