Commands and Permissions


CustomSpawners has three commands, /customspawners, /spawners, and /entities.

Aliases for "/customspawners" are "/cs", and "/csplugin".

Aliases for "/spawners" are "/css", and "/csspawners".

Aliases for "/entities" are "/cse", and "/csentities".

Arguments in [] are optional (Many of the id ones are for if you have a spawner selected. The numerical ID can be interchanged with the name you have set a spawner or entity to.).

Arguments in <> are required.

Permissions are in italics.

Commands in bold can be used from console.

Commands of /customspawners

help [page] - Displays the help message. Note I seem to always forget a few commands. :P customspawners.customspawners,

reload - Reloads spawners and entities. customspawners.reload

import - Loads CustomSpawners data from the world. Adventure maps made with CustomSpawners may have a "cs_data" folder in the world to load this data from. If not, nothing with be loaded.

export - Exports all the created spawners to the world folder. This is useful if you are creating an adventure map and you want users to be able to load the spawners you made into the world.

Commands of /spawners

create <id of entity> - Creates a spawner of a certain type. customspawners.spawners.create

select <id> - Selects a spawner for easier modification of properties.

remove [id] - Removes a spawner. customspawners.spawners.remove

convert [id] - Converts a CustomSpawners spawner into a vanilla custom mob spawner. customspawners.spawners.convert

setactive [id] - Makes a spawner active and starts to spawn entities. customspawners.spawners.setactive

setinactive [id] - Deactivates a spawner. customspawners.spawners.setinactive

sethidden [id] - Hides the spawner from people without permission. i.e. players cannot see info on a hidden spawner without permission. customspawners.spawners.sethidden

setunhidden [id] - Unhides the spawner. customspawners.spawners.setunhidden

listnear - Lists nearby spawners. customspawners.spawners.listnear, customspawners.spawners.listnear.hidden

listall - Lists all created spawners. customspawners.spawners.listall, customspawners.spawners.listall.hidden

info [id] - Displays info about a spawner.,

setmaxlight [id] <value> - Sets the max light level a spawner will spawn at. Must be a 0-15 value. customspawners.spawners.setmaxlight

setminlight [id] <value> - Sets the minimum light level a spawner will spawn at. Must be a 0-15 value. customspawners.spawners.setminlight

setmaxmobs [id] <value> - Sets the maximum number of mobs a spawner can have living at once. customspawners.spawners.setmaxmobs

setmobsperspawn [id] <value> - How many mobs will be spawned each spawn cycle. customspawners.spawners.setmobsperspawn

setmaxdistance [id] <value> - How far away can a player be for the spawner to spawn. customspawners.spawners.setmaxdistance

setmindistance [id] <value> - How close a player can be to a spawner for it to spawn. customspawners.spawners.setmindistance

setlocation [id] - Sets the location of the spawner block to where you are looking. customspawners.spawners.setlocation

setradius [id] <value> - Sets the radius of the area a spawner will try to spawn entities in. customspawners.spawners.setradius

setrate [id] <value> - Time in server ticks (20 ticks is 1 second) between spawns. customspawners.spawners.setrate

setredstone [id] <true or false> - Sets whether a spawner must be powered or not to spawn mobs. customspawners.spawners.setredstone

settype [id] <value> - Set the type of mob a spawner spawns. Note that the spellings may be a bit weird. Try a underscore between words if it doesn't work or change zombie pigmen to PigZombie and ocelot to ozelot. customspawners.spawners.settype

addtype [id] <value> - Add a type of entity to a spawner. Follows the same value rules as settype. customspawners.spawners.addtype

forcespawn [id] - Forces a spawner to spawn entities regardless of conditions. customspawners.spawners.forcespawn

activateall - Sets all spawners on the server active. customspawners.spawners.activateall

deactiveateall - Deactivates all spawners on the server. customspawners.spawners.deactivateall

removemobs [id] - Removes entities created by the selected spawner or with the specified ID. customspawners.spawners.removemobs

removeallmobs - Removes ALL spawned mobs on the server. customspawners.spawners.removeallmobs

setname [id] <value> - Gives a spawner a name. customspawners.spawners.setname

setspawnarea [id] <true or false> - Sets the spawner's spawn area to your selection. (see pos1 and pos2). customspawners.spawners.setspawnarea

pos1 - Sets the first position of your selection area to where you are standing. Left click with the selection item from config also does this. customspawners.spawners.position

pos2 - Sets the second position of your selection area to where you are standing. Right click with the selection item from config also does this. customspawners.spawners.position

Commands of /entities

create <type> - creates a new default entity. customspawners.entities.create

select <id> - selects an entity

remove [id] - removes an entity. Note that spawners will retain that entity until you change the type. customspawners.entities.remove

setfireticks [id] <ticks> - sets how long an entity is on fire for once it spawns. customspawners.entities.setfireticks

seteffect [id] <effect> <amplifier> <duration in ticks> - sets a potion effect to an entity. List of valid effects: here One second is 20 ticks so 1200 ticks is a minute and so on. customspawners.entities.seteffect

addeffect [id] <effect> <amplifer> <duration in ticks> - adds a potion effect to an entity. customspawners.entities.addeffect

cleareffects [id] - Clears all potion effects from the entity. customspawners.entities.cleareffects

setvelocity [id] <x,y,z> - Sets the velocity of the entity when it is spawned. Example usage: "/entities setvelocity 0 10,10,10". The alias of this is "setvector". customspawners.entities.setvelocity

setenderblock [id] <block id> - Sets the block endermen are holding. Not all blocks will work and damage values are unsupported in 0.0.5. customspawners.entities.setenderblock

settype [id] <type> - Sets the base entity type of a spawnable entity. customspawners.entities.settype

setname [id] <name> - Names or renames the entity for easier selection. customspawners.entities.setname

setage [id] <age> - Sets the age of a spawned entity. Enter "ADULT" or "BABY" for age to make the entity a adult or baby, respectively. customspawners.entities.setage

sethealth [id] <health> - Sets the health of spawned entities. customspawners.entities.sethealth

setair [id] <air> - Sets the remaining air for an entity. customspawners.entities.setair

setprofession [id] <profession> - Sets the profession of a spawned villager. customspawners.entities.setprofession

setsaddled [id] <true or false> - Sets whether spawned pigs have saddles. customspawners.entities.setsaddled

setcharged [id] <true or false> - Sets whether spawned creepers are charged. customspawners.entities.setcharged

setjockey [id] <true or false> - Sets whether spawned spiders will have a skeleton rider. customspawners.entities.setjockey

settamed [id] <true or false> - Sets whether spawned wolves or ocelots will be tamed or not. customspawners.entities.settamed

setangry [id] <true or false> - Sets whether iron golems, pigmen, or wolves will be angry. customspawners.entities.setangry

setsitting [id] <true or false> - Sets whether a cat or wolf will be sitting. customspawners.entities.setsitting

setcattype [id] <type> - Sets the type of cat an ocelot is. customspawners.entities.setcattype

setslimesize [id] <size> - Sets the size of spawned slimes (1-256). customspawners.entities.setslimesize

setcolor [id] <color> - Sets the color of spawned sheep. customspawners.entities.setcolor

info [id] - Displays information about an entity. customspawners.entities.

setpassive [id] <true or false> - Set whether this mob (if it is hostile) will not attack until something attacks it. customspawners.entities.setpassive

setblacklist [id] <true or false> - Set whether this entity will use a damage blacklist. An entity will NOT take damage from the damage causes on this list. If empty, the entity will take ALL damage types. customspawners.entities.blacklist

addblacklistitem [id] <item> - Add an item to the list of things that the entity will not take damage from. List of available damage types can be found here: customspawners.entities.blacklist

clearblacklist [id] - Clears the entity's damage blacklist. customspawners.entities.blacklist

setwhitelist [id] <true or false> - Set whether this entity will use a damage whitelist. An entity WILL take damage ONLY from the damage causes on this list. If empty, the entity will take NO damage. customspawners.entities.whitelist

addwhitelistitem [id] <item> Add an item to the list of things that the entity will take damage from. See "addblacklistitem" for list of damage causes. customspawners.entities.whitelist

clearwhitelist [id] - Clears the entity's damage whitelist. customspawners.entities.whitelist

additem [id] <item ID> - Adds an item to the itemlist (items that can or cannot do damage to an entity depending if the "ITEM" value is in the blacklist or whitelist). customspawners.entities.itemlist

clearitems [id] - Clears the itemlist of an entity. customspawners.entities.itemlist

setcustomdamage [id] <true or false> - Sets whether an entity is using customdamage values. customspawners.entities.setcustomdamage

setdamageamount [id] <value> - Sets the damage and entity will do when attacking. customspawners.entities.setdamageamount

setusingdrops [id] <true or false> - Sets a entity to use custom drops. customspawners.entities.setusingdrops

adddrop [id] <item id[:item damage value]> <amount> - Adds an item for an entity to drop. customspawners.entities.adddrop

setdrop [id] <item id[:item damage value]> <amount> - Sets the item for an entity to drop. customspawners.entities.setdrop

cleardrops [id] - Clears the list of items to drop. customspawners.entities.cleardrops

setfuselength [id] <length> - Sets how long the fuse is on explosives. For example, a TNT entity with a fuse length of 20 blows up after 1 second because 20 ticks = 1 second. customspawners.entities.setfuselength

setincendiary [id] <true or false> - Sets whether and explosive will light the ground on fire when it explodes (think ghast fireballs). customspawners.entities.setincendiary

setyield [id] <value> - Sets the explosive yield of explosives. This is the explosion radius. For example, a value of 4.0 is default for TNT. Values larger than 15.0 are VERY DESTRUCTIVE. Use with caution. A value of 0 is no explosion. customspawners.entities.setyield

setitemtype [id] <item id[:item damage value> - Sets the type of item dropped item and falling block entities will be. For example, 1 will make stone dropped items or falling blocks. customspawners.entities.setitemtype

setpotiontype [id] <effect> <amplifer> <duration in ticks> - CURRENTLY DISABLED Sets the type of potion splash potion entities will be. customspawners.entities.setpotiontype

setexp [id] <dropped experience> - This sets how much experience mobs or exp bottle entities will drop. 1000 exp will get you a good bit above level 30. customspawners.entities.setexp

setinvulnerable [id] <true or false> - This sets whether or not the entity will be invincible. customspawners.entities.setinvulnerable

sethand [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This sets the entity's item in hand. customspawners.entities.inventory

sethelmet [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This sets the entity's item for a helmet. customspawners.entities.inventory

setchest [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This sets the entity's item for a chest piece. customspawners.entities.inventory

setpants [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This sets the entity's item for pants. customspawners.entities.inventory

setboots [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This sets the entity's item for boots. customspawners.entities.inventory

setinv [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This sets the entity's inventory. It doesn't wear this, it is just dropped on death. customspawners.entities.inventory

addinv [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This adds and item to the entity's inventory. customspawners.entities.inventory

clearinv [id] <item ID:damage value> <amount> - This clears the entity's inventory. customspawners.entities.inventory

setwither [id] <true or false> - This sets whether a skeleton is a wither skeleton or not. customspawners.entities.setwither

setvillager [id] <true or false> - This sets whether a zombie will be a zombie villager or not. customspawners.entities.setvillager

Additional Permissions

customspawners.spawners.limitoverride - Allows someone to override the limits specified in config for values.

customspawners.* - Grants all permissions. Note that by default, all permissions are given to ops.