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Have you ever wanted to have your own custom skills like in MCMMO but found out it was all hard-coded into the plugin making it impossible to make your own without coding your own? This plugin aims to change that. You take a config file generated by this plugin and follow the example provided. When you type /cpro it displays your custom skills you've configured in a stat window similar to how /mcstats in MCMMO does.


This plugin is meant for using with specific plugins that allow console commands to be executed. Here are the commands as follows:

  • /cpro - Displays all configured skill names in a window. Type it again to make it vanish.
  • /cpro <skill> - As an example, type /cpro Weaponsmithing and it will tell you what you will get next level. This is according to the config.
  • /cpro <skill> exp - Shows in a window the status of the skill typed in.
  • /cpro <show|hide> - Toggles exp gain/loss messages. Hidden by default. Hidden skills always hidden.
  • /cpa <player> <skill> <exp> - This command is only for the console. It is the only way to raise a player's skill exp by an amount. Look below for some ideas to use this plugin with. The key is to be creative.
  • /cpd <player> <skill> <exp> - This command is only for the console. Decrease exp command.
  • Notification to the player they received experience for a specific skill -> 0.3.0+ of Custom Professions
  • Notification to the player that they levelled up -> 0.3.0+ of Custom Professions
  • Console commands performed each level that can, for example, be permission plugin commands being added to an individual player on level up. -> 0.3.0+ of Custom Professions
  • Console commands granted by levels are customizable -> 0.3.0+ of Custom Professions
  • Added reload command /cproreload (console only) -> 0.5.0+
  • Hidden Skills -> 0.6.0+

Plugins To Try Custom Professions With

This is a list of some of the plugins that allow console commands:

  • ItemSlotMachine -> Ever wanted a Gambling skill? This is your chance to create one!
  • Craftbook -> Custom Crafting and Command Items that grant skill points. Cool!
  • Skript -> Grant skill exp for Vanilla Recipes, make your own permissions and commands.
  • OtherDrops -> Get skill exp from killing Mobs.
  • Command Signs
  • LoginCommand -> Grant first timers experience in a skill of your choice!
  • Buycraft -> Players want to get more skill points in donation packages? This would be the way to do it!
  • PointsOfInterest -> Right click signs that give a reward once and only once per player.
  • Phatloots -> Open chests with timers that can grant skill points in skills like Treasure Hunting or other existing skills of your choice.
  • MagicSpells -> Make spells that use commands after being executed granting you experience in your custom Magic skill.
  • LoreLocks -> Lock pick chests, level up your lock picking skill and unlock level 2 and higher lock picks for cracking those chests open!
  • TreasureChest -> Alternative to Phatloots.
  • EpicBossRecoded -> Kill a boss and get rewarded with a special skill for killing it or make it give other skill points instead.
  • Quests -> Got some high level quests set up? Reward your players with a Quest skill or reward them with points in other skills.
  • qQuests -> Grant permission for special quests after reaching a certain level in a skill.
  • RecipeManager -> A plugin that focuses more on custom crafting. Use this to control your recipes a bit more.
  • Campaign -> Make it so that certain level ups grant missions from Campaign!
  • Citizens -> Make a speech skill for talking to NPCs and unlocking new conversation options!
  • BlockNotif
  • Player Auras -> Permissions for abilities that grant a beacon-like potion effect to the player and others around them. Useful for class specific abilities.
  • HG Abilities -> Like the abilities of Hungergames but want them to be unlocked through skills? Use HG Abilities in combination!

This is a list of them that work from extensive testing:

  1. Phatloots
  2. PointsOfInterest
  3. Skript
  4. Craftbook
  5. Command Signs
  6. Otherdrops
  7. TreasureChest
  8. EpicBossRecoded
  9. LoreLocks

Plugins that Grant Cool Abilities

Smoke Bombs

SimpleSound <- Play a sound when a player levels up in a skill of your choice!

MobHunting <- When the perms are added, you can have a working Mob Hunting skill that unlocks things like killstreaks and bonuses as you level it!

EssentialsChat bug with Lorelocks is now fixed in 0.5.0 of CustomProfessions

If you find any plugins that also work in combination with Custom Professions, leaving a comment is quite welcome. Also be sure to comment if you find that a plugin on the tested plugins list is not working for you.

Are you a plugin developer and believe your plugin should be featured on the list? Be sure to comment below with any cool features that can be used with Custom Professions and we'll add it to this list!

This is a list of plugins that will work very well for the example skills provided in the generated config.yml:

- Craftbook in particular has a feature called CustomCrafting and it allows you to run a command after you make an item (pulling it out of the results box). Since the only way to add a level to a skill is by the console command listed above, this is actually very useful for making custom crafting skills possible. You will also need to take advantage of the custom permission nodes that crafting recipes can require of a player to have in order to make the recipe. You can find the wiki page here

- Skript lets you write mini-plugins. If you wanted to make a magic skill system, this might be the best way to do it. First, you make your config for Custom Professions and setup the levels for each tier of magic that you want a player to reach. This is where it might get tough because you have to learn how to use Skript for this but it will end up being worth it. With Skript, you can store variables, write new commands, make new permissions, and a lot more. You're going to have read up on it here

There are no permissions required for Custom Professions but the skill exp editing command is console only so you should have no problems.

Upcoming Features

  • Waiting for a Recommended Build to update.
  • Attempting to add perms for each custom made.


How to make a skill and see it in action

Example Configs

Click Here

Leave a comment or PM The01Guy/Lukethenuke for any questions you may have.


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