Ever wanted specific users to have their own custom join/leave messages? Well now you can with CustomJoinMessage!

About 1.7.9

Version 2.0.0 DOES work with 1.7.9 and the new UUID feature Mojang has made. If you are using version 2.0.0 or above you MUST use the UUID from now on to get the plugin to work correctly.


  1. Download the jar file and put it in your plugin folder.
  2. Start and stop your server once
  3. CustomJoinMessage has generated a settings file in your plugin folder. Customize your login/logout/kick messages if you want to.
  4. Run your server and enjoy!

How to Configure

Configuration is very easy!

Once you start your server for the first time, the plugin will automatically create a folder called CustomJoinMessage, with a config.yml in it.

See Configuration for more info


/cjm reload - Reloads the configuration

Optional Requirements

  • Vault - If you wish to use group support


cjm.admin: Allows the use of /cjm reload to reload the configuration
cjm.update: Allows the user to see if there is an update for the plugin (1.6.0+)


  • Custom Join Message for a specific user
  • Custom Leave Message for a specific user
  • Custom Kick Message for a specific user
  • Color codes
  • Reload Configuration Commands
  • Permission support (for the commands)
  • Default join/leave/kick messages
  • Default messages for specific groups (Requires Vault)
  • Checks for new versions (1.6.0+)
  • Ability to completely disable join/leave/kick messages

Upcoming Features

  • Ability for users to purchase custom messages



Thanks DodoooMC!

Thanks SamVenom!

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