Custom Creatures


Tested on Spigot-1.16, 1.19.


This is a fully customizable Minecraft (Bukkit) plugin that allows you to control entities' spawn.


  • 5% of animals spawn with up to 400% health increase.
  • 5% of hostile monsters spawn with an increased movement speed up to 200%.
  • Once killed, a player respawn with an apple in hand and a little jump and movement bonus.
  • 4% of zombie-like mobs spawn in gold equipment with some random enhancements and 8.5% drop chance. Here and further, each level of looting adds 1% to the drop chance.
  • 2% of zombie-like mobs spawn with a little jump and movement bonus, in iron equipment with a well-enchanted sword and medium enchanted cloths, with 8.5% drop chance.
  • 1% of skeleton-like mobs spawn with 5 minutes glowing aura, with major jump and movement bonuses, in diamond equipment with the best enhancements and a 10th-power enchanted bow, with 5% drop chance.
  • 0.25% of zombie-like mobs are all in netherite top-enchanted cloths, with a cheating-enchanted sword, with 5% drop chance.
  • 10% of ghasts attack twice as painful.

You can configure:

  • A filter of types, spawn reasons and probabilities
  • Entities' max health, effects, and equipment
  • Templates of effects and enchantments
  • Random distributions for the majority of numeric values
  • Entities' following range

You can solve the following problems:

  • Increase the velocity of specific entities, thus make some enemies more dangerous naturally
  • Equip entities to protect them from environmental influence
  • Make items droppable to award a killer


customcreatures reload - reload config from disk


  • Access to 'reload' command: customcreatures.reload (default: op)


Default configuration file


I will be happy to add some features or fix bugs. My mail: [email protected]

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