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Note: this plug-in requires a different installation procedure than most other plug-ins. You really need to check the installation section or one of the tutorials.



This plug-in allows the owners and developers of servers to create custom items with their own textures. (It requires a server resource pack.)  Everyone who would like to use this plug-in needs to download the Editor and use that to create their own custom item set.


Discord server

Invite link:


Note: the installation procedure dramatically changed in Custom Items 12. I'm planning to create new tutorials.

Basic tutorials:




Advanced tutorials:

Custom containers (video):

Wands and guns (text): items/tutorials/wands and guns/index.html



If you can, use /kci debug

If that doesn't work, check out items/troubleshooting.html


Supported minecraft server versions

Minecraft 1.8.x and earlier: impossible to support (at least without mods)

Minecraft 1.9.x, 1.10.x and 1.11.x: not supported, but could be if there would be enough interest

Minecraft 1.12.2: supported

Minecraft 1.13.2: supported

Minecraft 1.14.4: supported

Minecraft 1.15.2: supported, but misses custom tridents

Minecraft 1.16.4: supported, but misses custom tridents

Minecraft 1.16.5: supported, but misses custom tridents

Minecraft 1.17.0: supported, but misses custom tridents

Minecraft 1.17.0: supported, but misses custom tridents

Minecraft 1.18.2: supported, but misses custom tridents

Minecraft 1.19.4: supported, but misses custom tridents and special melee damage sources

Minecraft 1.20.x and later: didn't exist at the time of writing this


Notes when using alongside ViaRewind

Players will only be able to see the right textures, if the resourcepack format of their client version is the same as the resourcepack format of the server version. The following versions use the same resourcepack format:

Minecraft 1.8 and earlier (Note: this resourcepack format misses required features and therefor can't be supported)

Minecraft 1.9 to minecraft 1.12 (Note: even though this plug-in can't be used on servers with minecraft 1.11 or earlier, players from minecraft 1.9 to 1.11 may be able to join and see custom textures if you use a minecraft 1.12 server)

Minecraft 1.13 and minecraft 1.14

Minecraft 1.15 and minecraft 1.16



-Custom items with their own display name, lore, attribute modifiers and textures

-Custom tools with their own damage and durability

-Custom bows with their own damage, speed and durability

-Custom armor with their own armor value and other attribute modifiers, unfortunately without model texture.

-Crafting recipes that can use vanilla ingredients and custom items (or combined)

-Block & mob drops for custom items

-Custom containers (like a custom furnace, but much more powerful, unfortunately without block texture)

-Custom projectiles with custom wands to launch them

-Custom blocks (but still in beta)

 Crafting an obsidian pickaxe

 Zombie holding obsidian sword

Show some custom items

Without lore... 

More obsidian tools

Custom tools 



  • /customitems damage <amount> [player name] will decrease the remaining durability of the custom tool in the main hand of the target player (the player with name player name) by amount. If the remaining durability is smaller than (or equal to) amount, it will be destroyed. Only players with the customitems.damage permission can use this command.
  • /customitems debug will let the plug-in do check for installation problems and send the results in the chat to the player who executed the command. Note that this command will not work if the installation is too bad. Only players with the customitems.debug permission can use this command. Note: if you use a big server resourcepack, this command can freeze the server for multiple seconds, so anyone with this command has the power to freeze the server by repeatedly using this command.
  • /customitems encode will create a text representation of the item in the main hand of the command executor and put that in the server console. This can be used for complex crafting ingredients in the Editor. Only players with the customitems.encode permission can use this command.
  • /customitems give <item name> [player name] [amount] to give the custom item with that name to the player with the given name (by default the player that executes the command). Only players with the customitems.give permission can use this command.
  • /customitems list sends the names of all custom items to the player who executed the command. This can be nice for testing or when you forgot the name of a custom item. Only players with the customitems.list permission can use this command.
  • /customitems reload will reload the config.yml and the current .cis file (or .txt file). Only players with the customitems.reload permission can use this command.
  • /customitems repair <amount> [player name] will increase the remaining durability of the custom tool in the main hand of the target player (the player with name player name) by amount. This command will not repair the tool beyond the maximum durability (if current durability + amount is larger than the maximum durability, the durability will be set to the maximum durability). Only players with the permission can use this command.
  • /customitems setblock <custom block> [x] [y] [z] [world] will place a custom_block at location (x, y, z) in world. Only players with the permission customitems.setblock can use this command.
  • /customitems take [page] [target player] lets the target player take custom items from an in-game GUI. The page is needed when you have more than 54 custom items. By default, this command will use the command executor as target player and page 1. This command requires the permission customitems.take
  • /kci playsound <sound> [x] [y] [z] [world] [volume] [pitch] plays the given custom sound at the given location (or the location of the command executor when no location is specified). If no volume or pitch is given, they will get the default value of 1

 When you put disableoutput between /kci and the rest of the command, you can disable command feedback/output, which can be useful for commands that are executed automatically.




  • Download and run the Editor. Editor.jar can be found in the Files section. If you have a working Java installation, you can just download and double-click this file. If not, you can either install Java or download a native version of the Editor from
  • Put this plug-in (CustomItems.jar) in your plug-ins folder
  • Configure the items and textures you want (in the Editor)
  • Click on the Export... button, and follow the steps (in the Editor)
  • Optional: Install ActionBarAPI to display custom tool durability and wand/gun cooldowns. See items/compatibility/positive.html for details.

 If you need more detailed information about these steps, you can ask for help on the Discord server. 


Source code (programmers only)


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