Custom EnderChest

This plugin allows you to change the size of the players EnderChest, allowing you to store more or less than the vanilla version. It works the same way as a normal EnderChest just opening an EnderChest, but also features commands to access it. Everything can be customized with full color support, EnderChest title and chat messages.

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  • Premium UUID and Offline UUID support.
  • FlatFile data saving. (similar to Essentials plugin)
  • MySQL data saving. (with option to remove inactive players)
  • Using MySQL data saving means you can share EnderChests across servers.
  • Sound Effects when running commands or opening EnderChests.
  • Console commands support
  • Can open EnderChests via command with a permission. (Can be used for VIP's)
  • Admin commands to open, delete other players enderchests.
  • Full EnderChest title customization with color support and placeholders.
  • Different EnderChest titles for each EnderChest size.
  • 6 EnderChest sizes, from 1 raw with 9 slots to 6 raw's with 54 slots.
  • Customize chat messages with color support.
  • Support for any item data(lore,name,enchant).
  • NBT Data support for modded items! (Must be enabled in the config).
  • This plugin is as light as possible.



  • (Optional) MySQL Database - only needed if you enable MySQL in plugin config.
  • (Optional) ProtocolLib - only needed for NBT Modded items data.

Install instructions

  1. Place the plugin in the server plugins folder.
  2. Start the server to generate the config, then stop the server.
  3. Open the config and set up the plugin to your needs.
  4. Start the Server. Done, enjoy. Remember to give players permissions.


Setting EnderChest size is done using permissions. By default players will not have permission to open the EnderChest.

  • CustomEnderChest.level.0 - For 9 slots(1 raw) EnderChest size
  • CustomEnderChest.level.1 - For 18 slots(2 raw's) EnderChest size
  • CustomEnderChest.level.2 - For 27 slots(3 raw's) EnderChest size
  • CustomEnderChest.level.3 - For 36 slots(4 raw's) EnderChest size
  • CustomEnderChest.level.4 - For 45 slots(5 raw's) EnderChest size
  • CustomEnderChest.level.5 - For 54 slots(6 raw's) EnderChest size
  • CustomEnderChest.commands - Allows players to open the EnderChest with command /customec open
  • CustomEnderChest.admin - Access to administration command to open and edit or delete other players enderchests, and reload the plugin config and import data commands.


The main command is /customenderchest , /customec , /ec

  • /ec or /ec help - Open the help page.
  • /ec open - Open your EnderChest
  • /ec open <name> - Open other player's EnderChest.
  • /ec delete <name> - Delete a players EnderChest.
  • /ec reload - Reload plugin configuration file.
  • /ec importFromFlatFile - Import data from FlatFile to MySQL database skipping existing database data.
  • /ec importFromFlatFile overwrite - Import data from FlatFile to MySQL database overwriting existing database data.

Useful Info

MySQL Data Storage By default the plugin will use the FlatFile storage, so you need to go to config and enable it and set the database details. Note that you need to create the database then the plugin will create the tables when the server starts. Also you can enable a maintenance task to remove old inactive players from the database.


FlatFile Data Storage A similar Flat File storage system like the popular Essentials plugin. The plugin will create a folder near the config file called PlayerData, each player will have a file to store his data.


Server Reload
Server reload can break plugins so we do not recommend it. If you have issues after server reload don't use it with this plugin.

Best Data Storage
The recommended storage type is MySQL, so if you can use it. On flat file there are more limitations.


Import data from FlatFile Storage to MySQL database
If for some reason you want to change the plugin storage type to MySQL you can import existing data with 2 commands:
/ec importFromFlatFile will import data skipping existing players in the mysql database and /ec importFromFlatFile overwrite will import data overwriting existing players in the database.
To import data you first need to go to the plugin config and change the plugin storage type to mysql and also make sure the plugin is connected to the database.


The plugin was tested with Spigot 1.7.10/1.8 Protocol Hack; Spigot 1.8.9, 1.9.4, Spigot 1.10 and latest 1.12.2.


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This plugin is made by CraftersLand Minecraft Community.

:) Feel free to check us out at:​


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