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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8


Version 2.4c

  • Ported to 1.9
  • Added costs per level
  • Added runecrafting costs per level
  • Added '/ce runecrafting' and its permission 'ce.cmd.runecrafting'
  • Fixed Runecrafting errors when missing economy plugins
  • Fixed Runecrafting not working correctly
  • Fixed Piercing, Aerial and Charge dealing more damage than expected
  • Fixed bow enchantments not working
  • Fixed errors when not wearing armor
  • Permission fixes

Version 2.4b

  • Added some more clarity to Runecrafting
  • Removed redundant Cooldown on Autorepair (Use OccurenceChance instead)
  • CraftBukkit is now compatible again (CB is missing getClickedInventory() function)
  • Bows are now enchantable again
  • Disarming now works on mobs, no longer drops to inventory
  • Vampire is now capped at level 1
  • Fixed a bug that caused Enchantments to not be detected correctly

Version 2.4a

  • Changed visual effect when Runecrafting cannot apply an enchantment
  • Signs no longer open /ce menu when no valid economy plugin was found
  • Dragging is now no longer cancelled globally
  • Items now require permissions to be bought
  • Enchantment max level is now corrected
  • Signs now enforce enchantment max level
  • Signs now add the glow enchantment
  • Runecrafting no longer allows the same enchantment to be applied
  • Fixed an item duplication bug

Version 2.4

  • Added Runecrafting (Permission "ce.runecrafting")
  • Added Enchantment Glow
  • Changed standard color to GRAY
  • Upgraded Shielded to represent a recurring shield
  • Updated some text-based visuals with more colors
  • /ce menu now allows level selection
  • Added /ce remove [ench] to remove enchantments
  • Items now check the lores aswell
  • Axes are now considered to be global and tools by the enchantment table
  • Piercing works against mobs now
  • Explosive can now add directly to the inventory if configured in that way
  • Long-lasting Buffs no longer get overridden by short-term buffs (for the most part)
  • Added a cooldown to Autorepair
  • Made "effect" enchantments be capped at level 1
  • Bow Enchantment: Blaze (Thanks to PrinceeeMC) - Shoots fireballs instead of arrows
  • Global Enchantment: Disarming (Thanks to CosmicPvP) - Disarms the enemy
  • Armor Enchantment: Drunk (Thanks to CosmicPvP) - Gives slowness, mining fatigue and confusion to attackers
  • Armor Enchantment: Berserker - When low on health, you gain extreme strength
  • Armor Enchantment: Cloaking - When hit, you gain stealth for a few seconds
  • Shiftclicking Armor into chests no longer trigger the enchantments
  • Charge has been fixed
  • Aerial has been fixed
  • Headless has been fixed
  • Fixed Volley giving free arrows for players in creative mode

Version 2.3c

  • Global Enchantment: Headless (Thanks to rpgrowland, IAmNotPopular and hetjoshi) - Gives you the Head of a player you killed
  • Global enchantments that also worked on bows now work again
  • Fixed the color of the enchantments having to be spelled in capital letters

Version 2.3b

  • The arrows of the Volley enchantment and the Minigun now inherit most properties of the original arrow (With the exception of Power's damage increase)
Changes to /ce ench
  • Now has a third argument which defines a material that is required for the enchantment to be applied
  • Now starts at level 1 if no level is specified
  • Now increases the level of an enchantment by the specified level if the item already has the enchantment
  • Bow Enchantment: Healing (Thanks to rpgrowland and hetjoshi) - Heals your target for 1 heart per level.
  • Bow enchantments no longer work when hitting with the bow itself
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the config to not write itself on new servers
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the plugin to be disabled when the plugin jar was renamed

Version 2.3a

  • Removed unnecessary config entries
  • (Hopefully) fixed a bug that caused the plugin to not load on non-Windows operating systems
  • Obsidian Shield is now working when putting on armor instead of applying the effect when moving
  • Shielded is now working

Version 2.3 - The "Big quiver of enchantments" update

  • Much better, such wow
  • Custom Enchantments can now only be obtained through the enchantment table when enchanting with 30 levels
  • Potion Effects on Armor now last infinitely, as long as the player wears the armor
  • 1-level enchantments are now forced to only have a maximum level of 1 (Glowing 10 is no longer possible via enchanting tables)
  • Ice Aspect now also works on bows
  • Explosive now has a new config option to directly give the player mined items into the inventory
  • New Config option: Global.Enchantments.UseCustomEnchantmentProbability, if set to false all enchantments will have their enchantment probabilities calculated by the plugin itself and your settings will be ignored
Global Enchantments
  • Wither (Thanks to phoenixlzx) - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy.
Bow Enchantments
  • Paralyze - Slows, Blinds and Weakens your enemy completely.
  • Molotov - Attaches a molotov to the arrow, tends to start fires.
  • Volley (First merged contribution! Thanks to fantasm0) - Fires multiple arrows in a cone in front of you.
  • Wither (Thanks to phoenixlzx) - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy.
  • Piercing (Thanks to Hetjoshi) - Ignores your enemy's armor.
  • Shuffle (Thanks to Darkman_Bree) - Switches your position with your enemy's position.
  • Bounty Hunter (Thanks to Darkman_Bree) - Gives you bounty when you hit another player.
Tool Enchantments
  • Energizing - Allows you to dig faster for a tiny moment after breaking something.
  • Quickening - Breaking a block will give you a temporary speed boost.
Armor Enchantments
  • Cursed (Thanks to phoenixlzx) - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy.
  • Endershift (Thanks to Hetjoshi) - Revitalizes you when severely wounded, giving you a speed boost and some hp to run away with.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed servers when the maximum enchantment level was set to 1
  • Fixed a bug with errors appearing when clicking the player inventory in /ce menu
  • Bow enchantments are now also affected by their occurence chance
  • Bow enchantments now stack
  • Rocketboots can now be toggled again
  • Blocks placed by the Ice Aspect Enchantment are now removed even when the server restarts
  • Aerial now correctly only works when in air
  • Ice Aspect now restores material data
  • Self-Destruct now works

Version 2.2b

  • Added a system that limits the maximum amount of iterations that the enchantment handling will do
  • Bows can now hold multiple Custom Enchantments at once
  • Vanilla Enchantments can now be enchanted using /ce ench
  • The command /ce change now supports alternative colorcodes
  • Revulsion
  • Self Destruct
  • Aerial
  • Charge
  • Fixed the checks for duplicate enchantments when buying a new enchantment
  • Fixed permission nodes
  • Fixed Obsidian Shield
  • Fixed the unregistering of the Listener

Version 2.2a

  • Added notifications for setting up sign shops
  • Gears and Springs had their minimum level reduced to 1
  • Sign shops now work correctly
  • Deathscythe now no longer works on inanimate objects

Version 2.2 - Chinese New Year Update

  • Code changes that allow new stuff to be added later on (Itemsets)
  • OPs can now sell enchantments via signs
  • Added Firecrackers
  • Added Firework-Batteries that shoot up to 400 firework rockets each (Because they are awesome)
  • Firework's damage is now blocked
  • Shockwave now does no longer reset material data of affected blocks
  • '/ce update' did not return an usage error in some cases

Version 2.1g

  • Permissions no longer have spaces or apostrophes in their names
  • Added some messages to notify the server of having (optional) dependencies enabled
  • Added clearer messages for server owners to handle errors in enchantments/items
  • RPG Items are now compatible with CEs
  • Potioneffect stuttering may be better now
  • Re-added Blind and Obsidian Shield
  • Added Shielded
  • Added a sound to Lifesteal
  • Poison, Lifesteal, Ice Aspect and Blind now work on Bows aswell
  • Ice Aspect now generates a sphere of unbreakable Ice on Special Freezes
  • + has a new config entry: SpecialFreezeDuration
  • + slows
  • Druid Boots no longer have stuttering effects
  • The Necromancer's Staff now chooses a spell itself if none is currently active
  • Shockwave now recognizes the config's ForbiddenMaterials and now can't destroy non-solid blocks accidentally
  • Explosive now accepts any kind of Woodtype
  • The Item Creation Menu was missing a Back-Button
  • Items now cost money again
  • Items now generate cooldown again
  • You can now no longer obtain the same enchantment twice on an item using /ce enchant or /ce menu
  • You can now no longer obtain more enchantments than the config's maxEnchantments on an item using /ce enchant

Version 2.1f

  • Added two new config options:
  • + "Global.Updates.CheckOnStartup", it defines whether to check for updates on startup or not.
  • + "Global.Updates.CheckDelay", it defines the time to wait after startup to check for updates.
  • Corrected weird behavior that occured in the enchantment handling, which caused server crashes
  • Items did not differentiate between a player being hit and a player hitting when using an item, causing effects to occur in unexpected ways
  • Removed unwished dependency of WorldGuard
  • Stomp now correctly shows the player that wore the boots as the killer

Version 2.1e

  • Added an Auto-updater/Update-checker
  • + Added the commands "/ce update check" and "/ce update applyupdate"
  • + Added Config option "Global.Updates.ShowPercentageOnUpdate"
  • There are no longer two versions of the plugin required in order to be WorldGuard-Version independent
  • WorldGuard is now checking Thor's Axe and the Flamethrower
  • Global Enchantments now also work on Bows
  • Changed the default "DamageMultiplier" of Pyroaxe
  • Deathbringer now deals true damage (not blocked by armor and protective effects) instead of multiplying damage
  • Corrected weird code behavior in the function getEnchantList() which caused server crashes
  • Global Enchantments now no longer work when they are on the player's armor

Version 2.1d - The New Year's Eve Bugfix Update

  • Removed the config entry "StrictEnchantmentChecking", it is no longer need due to algorithm improvements.
  • Beastmaster's Bow now spawns Spiders and Slimes instead of Spiders and Wolves
  • The Flamethrowers flames now get deleted when entering a WorldGuard-build-restricted area
  • Stomp's radius was increased
  • Gooey's strength calculation has been reworked
  • Fixed permissions with /ce menu and the notifications associated with it
  • Improved the HookshotBow's Mode-selection coding
  • Livefireboots and Thor's Axe now correctly check for WorldGuard PvP zones
  • Poisoned now applies the correct effect and does not count as the enchantment "Poison" any longer
  • Lifesteal now no longer increases the healing effect when used on a server
  • You can no longer obtain the same custom enchantment multiple times when enchanting.

Version 2.1c - The Christmas Bugfix Update

  • Spigot compatibility is now tested, it will be used for any future builds
  • Added two new global config options: "Global.Enchantments.RepeatPotionEffects", if this is enabled any enchantments that apply potion effects will constantly be reapplied; "Global.Enchantments.RepeatDelay" specifies the delay between repeats
  • Enchantments now have a new config option "EnchantmentMaxLevel", which specifies the maximum level you can obtain through the enchantment table
  • Crippling Strike's sound effect has been made louder and the default length of the enchantments have been increased
  • Implants default "BurstDelay" has been lowered, since it was pretty much unnoticeable at the specified delay
  • Swimsuit has been temporarily disabled
  • Enchantments cancelled each other out due to problems with cooldowns
  • Armor enchantments affected the wearer instead of the attacker
  • The config option "Global.Enchantments.CEnchantmentTable" was inverted
  • /ce reload had a weird bug that caused enchantment values to not be renewed (Seriously, this took ages to figure out since java behaved strangely o.O)
  • Fixed alot of possible config-related bugs
  • Fixed problems with permissions
  • Fixed /ce menu problems
  • Bow enchantments only worked against mobs
  • Tool enchantments did not work since the event for breaking blocks was not registered (Which is weird)

Version 2.1b

  • (Hopefully) Increased performance by unregistering some unused events that took alot of time to process somehow
  • Shockwave now allows you to set materials that should not be affected by the enchantment, you can add either the Bukkit material's name or it's ID
  • Shockwave now no longer affects blocks that are outside of PvP-areas
  • Ice Aspect's slow strength and duration can now be configured
  • Added a new config option called "OccurrenceChance", this specifies the chance (in percent) of the effect occurring
  • Fixed a bug that may lead to renamed enchantments not being recognized
  • Fixed some parts of /ce reload that caused it not to work under some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cost of items and enchantments to not be applied if it was marked as a string

Version 2.1a - The Spooky Scary Bugfix Update

  • The Firework arrow now stops shooting fireworks when it exploded
  • The Glowing effect now persists longer to avoid the minecraft effect of it fading away
  • Made some enchantments more noticeable:
  • Vampire now plays a sound effect and heals food aswell
  • Ice Aspect now plays a sound and shows the effect
  • Tons of bugs with the /ce command have been fixed
  • The Explosion enchantment now checks if the block that was mined first was intended to be mined by the tool

Version 2.1

  • Added a new config option "Global.Enchantments.StrictEnchantmentChecking"
  • Added tool enchantments
  • Added Smelting: Tool enchantment that smelts blocks when mined. The effect has a chance of (10*Enchantmentlevel)% to occur
  • Added Explosive: Tool enchantment that creates an explosion when mining. The Explosion will not cause any blocks to be lost and will only mine blocks the tool used by the player was designed to mine. The effect has a chance of (10*Enchantmentlevel)% to occur. Additionally, if enabled in the config, there is a (5*Enchantmentlevel)% chance to increase the radius of the explosion

The following list contains only major bugs that were fixed

  • Some effects that were based on randomization were interpreted wrongly
  • Enchantment levels should now be recognized correctly
  • Some of the /ce commands were not correctly executed
  • The Lightning enchantment now works correctly

Version 2.0a

  • Fixed bugs with the enchantment table, the config and more
  • Made CE compatible with Worldguard 6.0, it is now no longer compatible with versions below this

Version 2.0

The long awaited update :P

Note: These are mostly the big changes, smaller ones may not appear on this list

  • You can now enable performance-logging, which prints a warning to the console when a specific event/item/enchantment took too long to be handled by Custom Enchantments
  • Sign-shops have been removed and replaced with /ce menu, they may be reimplemented later on. For now, old signshops will redirect to the menu of /ce menu
  • New main command node /ce or /customenchantments
  • The /ce give command can now be used to give CE-Items with infinite numbers of custom and vanilla enchantments
  • The /ce list has been downgraded a bit (Will be changed later on)
  • New /ce menu command, which adds a new, more convenient alternative to /ce enchant and the sign shop, players will be charged a set price if it is set in the config and the server is using Vault
  • Commands do not have to be written out completely anymore, the starting letter is enough (With an exception being /ce)
  • You can now change the display name of your Items, the permissions however will only respect the original name of the item, which is equal to the name of the item's section in the config.
  • The color of the items can now be changed aswell
  • New config options for some items
  • Item reworks, most of them are just minor changes/upgrades, check out the Item page as soon as it is updated
  • Every item now has a cooldown that can be set in the config, some do not have any effect due to being problematic
  • Enchantment names can now be changed aswell
  • New config options for some enchantments
  • The enchantment table is now a more reliable source for the enchantments
  • ENCHANTMENT LEVELS! The levels go from 0-10 and can currently only be obtained through /ce enchant
  • Obsidian Shielding disappeared (?) and will be readded later on

The Permission nodes have been changed:

  • Main node: ce.*
  • Command node: ce.cmd.*
  • Item node: ce.item.*
  • Enchantment node: ce.ench.*

The permissions for the individual commands are as follows:

  • The 'Menu' command:
  • The 'Reload' command: ce.cmd.reload
  • The 'Give' command: ce.cmd.give
  • The 'Change' command: ce.cmd.change
  • The 'Enchant' command: ce.cmd.enchant

The permissions for items and enchantments follow the format of ce.[ench/item].[original Enchantment/Item name], this name can be looked up in the respective config section of the Item/Enchantment.

  • The plugin was completely rewritten (With the exception being the effects of most items/enchantments)
  • Better performance (In theory, not tested on a larger scale)
  • Items and Enchantments now use abstract classes, making the process of adding new content way easier for me
  • Lots and lots of bugfixes

The command /ce menu causes problems with versions lower than 1.7.9 of Bukkit, these are only visual though.