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Version 2.03

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This plugin will give you the option to create custom death messages. You can have more than one death message for each type of death. If you have multiple death messages for one death, it will choose one at random.

This plugin supports deaths from:

Supported deaths are from the DeathCauses and EntityTypes that Bukkit includes. You can see a lists here under "Enum Constant Summary"

Other death causes include:

  • Ground - When you die from a fall 5 blocks or less.


  • /deathcause <true/false> -Show or hide death cause on death. This does not replace the death message.
  • - Permissions: customdeathmessages.deathcause

Use the deathcause command before a death if you don't know what death .txt file to use.


  1. Put the plugin in the plugin folder
  2. Reload the plugins
  3. The plugin will automatically create .txt files for each death type.
  4. To make a death message, write at the next available line in the file.

How to make a death message

Type the message in the respective death's .txt file.

  • Typing took an arrow to the knee will show up as <player name> took and arrow to the knee
  • Having ### at the beginning of each death message will prevent the killed player's name from automatically showing at the beginning.

###Such a beautiful day to get blown up by a creeper! will display as Such a beautiful day to get blown up by a creeper!

  • Typing %player% will display the killed players name.

was exploded by a green monster. %player% got creepered! will display as <player name> was exploded by a green monster. <player name> got creepered!

  • Putting %no-default% on a single line in your text file will prevent the original message from being randomly selected


  • Typing %killer% will display the killer's name. (Will only show if a player was killed by another player)
  • Typing %weapon% will display the killer's weapon name. was brutally murdered by %killer% using his %weapon%! will display as <player name> was brutally murdered by <killer's name> using his <killer's weapon name>!

Text Formatting

  • To change the message's color or text formatting, use the Minecraft color codes except with '§' as '&'. Ex: &3

&cthis message will be red. That message will be in red.


  • Each death message cannot take up more than one line.
  • See for a more accurate description of the deaths.
  • Please delete the old CustomDeathMessages plugin so they don't conflict with this new one.
  • The old death messages .txt files are no longer in use. The new ones will be generated in a new folder "Death Messages" inside of the CustomDeathMessages plugin folder.
  • Support for the "other" color codes were removed. Use the Minecraft color codes except with '§' as '&'. Ex: &3
  • Some .txt files may be unused with default Minecraft. However some other plugins may use those death types associated with the txt file. To see what kind of text file to use for a certain type of death, see the command.
  • You do not need to reload the plugins after editing a death message text file!


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