Aura Types

Power Auras

There are two power auras, Fire and Ice. Power auras do not affect other mobs, only other players.


Player Effects:

1) Gain a speed boost when you are in your element. The element of cold that is! When an ice aura user walks into a cold biome he or she will get a speed boost for as long as they are within it.

2) Your freezing step turns all water to ice, and leaves a snowy trail if you are in a cold biome.

3) Watch out for hot biomes! Ice aura users can't take the heat, if you walk into a hot biome you will be slowed.

Other Player Effects:

1) Ensnare other players with your freezing aura. Anyone that dares get close to you will get a massive cut to their movement speed and mining speed.


Player Effects:

1) Gain a speed boost when you are in your element. The element of hot that is! When a fire aura user walks into a hot biome he or she will get a speed boost for as long as they are within it.

2) Your burning steps turns all ice to water, and singes all dirt wherever you go. Tilled soil becomes dirt, dead shrubs light on fire and nether rack becomes your fire canvas

3) Watch out for cold biomes! Fire aura users can't take the chill, if you walk into a cold biome you will be slowed.

4) Lava and fire will no longer harm you!

Other Player Effects:

1) Engulf your enemies in flames. You know what they say, get too close to the fire and you'll get burned.

Offensive Auras

There are two offensive auras, Lightning and Air. The auras will affect both players and hostile mobs. Offensive Auras focus on damaging over utility or boosts.


Environment Influences:

1) A, Down, Up, A, Down, Up! Make it rain! When it's thundering out the lightning aura users' lightning strikes twice as often.

Other Player/Monster Effects:

1) Smite your enemies with a bolt of lightning!


Player Effects:

1) Bring air anywhere you go! Never drown or suffocate again.

Other Player/Monster Effects:

1) Suck the air from your enemies lungs and laugh as they suffocate.

Special Auras

Special Auras excel at amplifying their their casters abilities in a special way. There are two, Hidden and Night.


Environment Influences:

1)Become one with the shadows! When you step into the shadows you become invisible. (Light Source less than 7)

2) Fear the light! Hidden aura users become blinded by light.

Other Player:

1)The darkness breathes when it approaches. Listen and it might save your life!


Player Effects:

1) Become a night-stalker, your vision in the dark is unsurpassed!

Environment Influences:

1)Night time is feeding time. When the sun goes down you become faster. If you pack with other night-stalkers you become faster still!

Other Player/Monster Effects:

1) None. Run, just, RUN.

Evasive Auras

Evasive Aura users can move more freely than other users. There are two, Nimble and Swift.


Player Effects:

1) Mountains are your safe place, you can jump higher than anyone else and can move freely in hilly biomes. Stay away from open areas though!

2) Light as a feather! You take no fall damage from ANY height.


Player Effects:

1) Open plains are your home! Permanent movement speed boost. You are weakest in hilly areas.

Other Player/Monster Effects:

1) Air buffer! Your speed causes other players and mobs to be knocked away from you.

Support Auras

These users rather help than harm, and grant players around them a buff (If configured, themselves too). There are two, Power and Heal.


Other/Self Effects:

1) More damage dealt, less damage taken, and mine speed increase!


Other/Self Effects:

1) Heal other players. (Configurable amount, and frequency)


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