Would you ever play Capture the Flag?

Then is CtF the right plugin for you.

With CTF you can play epic CtF matches.

More Classes More Maps API


  1. Put the CTF.jar into your plugins folder
  2. Reload the server
  3. Put the mcctf.jar file into the classes folder (plugins/CTF/classes)
  4. Build or download worlds and copy into your server folder and rename them to CTF-MAP_<map_name>
  5. Reload the server


To the vids


  • CTF.* -> allows player to access all commands & classes (default op)
  • CTF.admin -> allows player to acces sall commands & classes (default op)
  • CTF.<classname> -> allows player to access the <classname> class



  • start <== Starts the first arena
  • stop <== Stops the match and tp's all players in the default world
  • next <== Loads next arena
  • leave <== Leaves the Match
  • set Spawn <==Sets the Spawn Location
  • set SpawnA <==Sets the Spawn Location from Team A
  • set SpawnB <==Sets the Spawn Location from Team B
  • set FlagA <==Sets the Flag Location from Team A (Stand on a fence!)
  • set FlagB <==Sets the Flag Location from Team B (Stand on a fence!)
  • save <== Saves the map(If you changed something)
Class Command (join a class/the game)
  • /class <- Opens the class-selection GUI
  • /class [classname] <- changes your class
Vote Command (Vote for the next Map)
  • /vote <- Opens the vote GUI


There are multiply chat-modes avaible:

  • HUD
    • it shows a GUI in the chat
    • While ingame only your teammate can hear you, except if you shout (put a !" infront of your sentence)
  • CHAT
    • Everyone can listen you (also not ingame player)
    • Like GUI, but with a scoreboard
    • Like CHAT, but also with a scoreboard


Check out the Maps-Forum!


  • "Capture" function Block (Break their flag, Break your flag to capture their)
  • more languages
  • Configuration
  • more Classes
  • YAML-Classes (almost done!)


Build a Map, where no Player can escape. (Don't forgot Ninjas' Enderpearls & soldiers' climb skills) Rename it into CTF-MAP_<your_Mapname>. eg. CTF-MAP_Flying-City and copy it into your server folder (Not plugin folder!) Start you server and do /CTF start. You 'll teleport into this Map. If you have more than one Map, do /CTF next until you are in your new Map. After that:

  • Set the Spawns from both teams. It's best, if you set the Spawn from Team A on Netherrack and from Team B on Lapis-Blocks. (/CTF set SpawnA or /CTF set SpawnB)
  • Stand on a fence and set the Flag Location. (/CTF set FlagA or /CTF set FlagB)
  • Set the Spawn Location, for the first seconds (/CTF set Spawn) Now you can play your Map.

If you onna change things on your map, use the /CTF save command

Note: If TeamA goes on Lapis, they will die. TeamA will get here their health back. And if TeamB goes on Netherrack, they will die. TeamB will get here their health back.

If you built a great map, share it to other...simply send me a PM with a title, description and download link.



  • broadcastertime ==> The time until the broadcaster message changes (in ticks [20 ticks = 1 sec])
  • player2start ==> how many players are neccessary that the game starts
  • minPlayer ==> if the player amount is less, the game stops
  • TeamNameB ==> You can ignore this
  • TeamNameA ==> You can ignore this
  • ChatMode ==> the chatmode. avaible values: HUD , CHAT, SCOREBOARD , CHATBOARD
  • auto ==> dedicated server = true, also other games and survival = false
  • language ==> Which language file should be loaded (en ==> en.yml) - Until now only English is avaible - 'll add more!


If you have problems with this plugin, check first:

  • Do you have downloaded the classes in the right folder(plugins/CTF/classes/)?
  • Is your default server world NOT a CTF-MAP_?
  • Do you have checked your server log? Maybe are there more informations.

If this didn't helped you:

  • Post a comment or a ticket with
    • With a description of your problem
    • Parts of the server log


You can find the source of this project on github. (I am amazed it even works...)


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