Tired of new and confused players spamming chat asking for help? cStaff gives your players an easy way to list online staff members, so they know who to ask for assistance.

cStaff is a plugin that provides the ability to see online and available staff, just by typing /staff! Many users on servers need to access staff members, but dont know how. This plugin can help whip your Staff into shape and make sure they are doing their Job!
Are Permissions supported?
Yes - all players have access to /staff, but permission nodes are used to determine who shows up in the listings:
cstaff.staff --- Players with this node will show up in the list of staff online
cstaff.donor --- Players with this node will show up in the list of donors online

color-scheme: takes an integer, 1-6: 1 = blue, 2 = green, 3 = purple, 4 = red, 5 = gray, 6 = gold show-on-join: 'true' if joining players should automatically be shown the staff/donor listing use-displaynames: 'true' if the names of staff and donors in the listing should include prefixes, suffixes, etc. Op handling configuration nodes:

show-as-staff: true/false (if false, Ops will be treated like normal players and only show up as staff if given the 'cstaff.staff' node)
show-as-donors: true/false (same function as the above node, but for donor listing)

The following is the plugins command list. For usage, see the picture below.
/cstaff help
/cstaff version
/cstaff reload


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