Deadchest 2.X


Time & Weather Management


  • Manage time easily (day, night, rain, sun etc..)
  • Manipulate time as a god, stop it, accelerate it, reverse it ! 
  • Remove rain from your server with a simple command
  • Set a fixed ambiance of sunset sunlight day or night !
  • Include permission for each command
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Also compatible with older version
  • Command can be done directly by the console (you must specify the world in 1st argument)
  • Multiworld Support
  • Work on 1.14.X 


Just drag and drop CryWeather.jar to your plugins file.


Command Permission Description
cday [World] cryweather.cday Enable day
cnight [World] cryweather.cnight Enable night
cmorning [World] cryweather.cmorning Enable morning
cafternoon [World] cryweather.cafternoon Enable afternoon
cevening [World] cryweather.cevening Enable evening
csun [World] [Duration] cryweather.csun Enable sun
crain [World] [Duration] cryweather.crain Enable rain
chelp cryweather.chelp Enable help
cset [World] [Time] cryweather.cset Set the time
cweather cryweather.cweather Show version of the plugin
wcday cryweather.wcday Enable day in the current world
wcnight cryweather.wcnight Enable night in the current world
wcrain cryweather.wcrain Enable rain in the current world
wcsun cryweather.wcsun Enable sun in the current world
cEnableRain cryweather.cenablerain Allow rain on the server
cDisableRain cryweather.cdisablerain Remove rain on the server
cworldspeed [speed] cryweather.cworldspeed Modify the speed of the word


cryweather.* : Gives access to all cryweather commands


  • If you do not specify the world, it affects the world where you are.
  • cworldspeed 0 has the effect of stopping time


If you find any issue, please report it on the dedicate section.

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