What is it?

This Spigot 1.8.3 plugin will convert Minecraft XP orbs into bottles and bottles into XP orbs for your players! Using our specially derived math equation, this plugin will allow your players to convert Minecraft XP levels into the equivalent number of XP bottles. Additionally, players can also trade in XP bottles to get the appropriate amount of orbs back in their inventory as well.

Using the 3 tier level system implemented by Minecraft itself, and the default vanilla values for bottles, we remain as close to the game original intent while provide a quick and easy way to handle your players' xp. This plugin does NOT use any LISTENERS, that means you will never have to worry about complex lag monsters that eat away at your server's TPS.

The conversion commands are truly random alternating between 3 and 11 experience orbs per a bottle, just like minecraft itself. To avoid players trying to abuse the command in hopes of a lucky randomized values, players who try to use the commands extremely quickly and repetitively can expect to notice a loss of exp orbs as they continue to toggle their in game experience between levels and bottles.


  • No configuration required!


crystalbanker.player.*Gives all commands except /cb reload
crystalbanker.depositStore levels into bottles.
crystalbanker.withdrawTurn bottles into levels.
crystalbanker.zeroConvert all bottles in inventory to XP.
crystalbanker.reloadReload configuration file.


<> denotes required, [] denotes optional

/crystalbanker deposit <number of levels>Convert the number of levels into the appropriate amount of XP bottles.
/crystalbanker withdraw <number of bottles>Convert the number of XP bottles into the appropriate amount of levels.
/crystalbanker zeroConvert all bottles in inventory to XP.
/crystalbanker reloadReload configuration file.


This plugin utilises Hidendra's Plugin Metrics system, which collects and sends information to, such as the server's version of Java, what version of the plugin is being used, what type of operating system my plugin is being used on, and more. For more info, please click here.

Future Features

Just some ideas that have been generated with people's responses to the plugin:

  • Make deposit/withdraw commands more intuitive for players
  • Make configurable set rate for bottle transfer via command at custom value (default would be 6.5)
  • You, the reader! Your ideas, hopes and suggestions go here...


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