Cristichi's Tree Capitator

Updated to 1.16.

The latest build works for 1.16.*, 1.15.*, 1.14.* and 1.13.*. 


Features (some of them may be available for the latest builds only, so keep it updated!):

  • Let users destroy trees by breaking only 1 log. Even the biggest tree will fall!
  • Works on nether trees (+1.16).
  • Auto-update. No need to come back here to download the plugin again when new features come out.
  • Also destroys all leaves around.
  • Auto-replant. Replanted saplings can be automatically protected so they cannot be broken until they grow a tree.
  • Switch on/off if an axe is required and damaged.
  • VIP mode.
  • Each player can toggle on/off the plugin for himself.
  • Players are not able to break trees in protected areas (by WorldGuard and most other protection plugins), even if they try to break a log block that is outside to break log blocks inside.
  • Axes are damaged accordingly.
  • Prevent axes from being broken.

Commands (some of them may be available for the latest builds only):

  • /tc help: Lists all commands.
  • /tc update: Checks for new updates, and updates if able.
  • /tc reload: Reload config.yml changes.
  • /tc setlimit<number>: Sets the limit of blocks this plugin can destroy at once. (-1 for unbounded)
  • /tc setreplant <true/false>: Sets if trees should be replanted.
  • /tc setinvinciblereplant <true/false>: Sets if replanted saplings should be unbreakable by survival players.
  • /tc setaxeneeded <true/false>: Sets if an axe is required for the plugin to work.
  • /tc setdamageaxe<true/false>: Sets if the axe used is damage (only takes place if an axe is needed).
  • /tc setbreakaxe<true/false>: Sets if the axe used can be broken (only takes place if an axe is needed and damaged).
  • /tc setvipmode <true/false>: Sets if vip mode is on.
  • /tc setnethertrees  <true/false>: Sets if the plugin works on the new nether "trees". 
  • /tc toggle: Toggles the plugin for you. Just in case you made your home using lots of logs.

Permission nodes:

  1. cristreecapitator.user: Always required to take down trees fast.
  2. cristreecapitator.admin: Required to change options by commands.
  3. Required to take down trees fast when Vip Mode is enabled.

How to Install:

  1. Place downloaded plugin into YourServerDirectory/plugins/
  2. Give cristreecapitator.user permission node to all your users
  3. Start or reload server
  4. You may configure the plugin just the way you want, using either commands or editing the config file, then typing /tc reload.

How to use VIP mode:

  1. Enable vip mode (/tc setvipmode true).
  2. Give '' permission node to VIP players.
  3. It's already done! VIP players will be the only ones allowed to cut down trees faster using Cristichi's Tree Capitator! Don't worry, average players can stil take down trees, but only the vanilla way.

 Choose the file download manually in the File section of this page if your server is not running 1.13+


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