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Can you make it not destroy the logs I used to make my house?

In the current version of Minecraft & Spigot, it's not possible to get the information of what placed a block in the past (player, generation, mobs, etc) because storing it would make the world files way heavier. Also, there is little to be done in the matter of analyzing if the logs make a tree structure or not, specially when it comes to possible new trees to be added in the future to Minecraft and even more specially if we consider terrain-generation plugins made by the community.

There are a few workarounds, like detecting only logs that have air, logs and/or leaves around but they tend to be inelegant solutions that result in a lag spike even for the easiest, simplest, tiniest tree (not claiming that my code is the most elegant/fast possible, tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Maybe I could implement one of these workarounds as a configurable alternative algorithm to detect and destroy the proper blocks to destroy with a lag warning in the future but I don't have that in mind right now. If you have an idea that could prevent log-made houses to be destroyed without provoking too much lag please help me.


I followed the instructions but the plugin is not working.

Check the version you downloaded and the version of your server. If your server is running in Craftbukit, Spigot or Paper for Minecraft 1.13 or higher and you downloaded the latest build (or just clicked Download in the main page) it should be working and if it doesn't please check the console for any possible Exception messages (weird-looking large messages with several lines and some technical information) and paste it into a comment here so I can help you further and possible fix any possible issues.

 If you see no error messages regarding my plugin, you might have the plugin disabled by default. The plugin stores a value for each and every player so it knows which players have it enabled and which doesn't, so maybe if you are testing or trying to use the plugin and it doesn't work you will need to use /tc toggle to enable it. You can change if it works or not by default for every player in the configuration file (and typing /tc reload when you are done editing the file) or using the in-game commands to change the configuration.


If nothing of this works, please type a comment in the main page of the plugin and provide every possible information, including what version you downloaded, what version of CraftBukkit/Spigot/Paper/whatever you are using and any possible messages you get on the console if any.


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