Simple Item Remover

== Problem: ==

Ok, so most servers have that problem, where some players are trading diamonds, and ClearLag takes them all away. Well, fear no more, because the solution is here!

== Solution ==

This plugin is helpful and very simple to use. Just copy and paste it into your plugins folder, and load your server, and you're ready to go! Every 10 minutes, this plugin gives a 1-minute warning that ground items will be removed. Then, 3 seconds before the items are removed, it starts to count down, making sure that everyone on the server knows not to throw their items down at the last second. In addition, it doesn't remove minecarts and boats like ClearLag does. Finally, you can keep your server running smoothly, and keep your players happy!

On the more technical side of things, this is a very small plugin and doesn't need that many resources. It also sends a message to the console letting it know that ground items have been removed!

== Commands: ==

/removegi - forces the server to remove ground items (permission: cremovegi.removegi)

== Configuration ==

No config setup needed!

== Pictures ==

Console Picture:

Console Picture

Client Side Picture:

Client Side Picture


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