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Creeper survival is a map/plugin download it is a RPG Plugin and if you get this plugin you shall not need anymore plugins (Permissions is essential). It is planning to get permissions enabled and more.

Map info

The map is not done yet but in the making. So lets get started telling you about it! You spawn in a crater in the middle of a desert, No Hope, No escape. The walls of the crater are made from EndStone. It is always night and the only mob that spawns is a creeper.

Plugin info

Plugin is still in dev and not published. What will happen is you ge t 5x Gunpowder and creepers spawn in random parts of the desert They can brake in after a short period of time. When you kill a creeper you will have a 5/10 chance of getting gunpowder and a 1/10 chance of getting 2 gunpowder The more gunpower the more upgrades you get.


There are currently a idea of a command maybe /cs upgrade For instants: Bob has 5 gun powder Bob kills 5 creepers and gets 5 gunpowder Bob types /cs upgrade Bob gets a diamond sword.

So here are the upgrades and what they do so far

UP 1- Costs 10 gunpowder Stone sword is now a iron sword and you get leather armour UP 2- Costs 15 gunpowder A Base upgrade. now got 2 floors and gold armour UP 3- Costs 25 gunpowder Diamond sword and iron armour UP 4- Costs 40 gunpowder A Base upgrade. get a sniping post and every player gets a bow and 2 arrows UP 5- Costs 55 gunpowder A Base upgrade. a exit and entrance added (Parkour entrance) UP 6- Costs 100 gunpowder A Diamond sword and diamond armour UP 7- Costs 2500 gunpowder Every player gets a diamond sword and diamond armour

Bonus Powers

A bonus power is a command you get to use once and you get them from killing creepers Bonus powers are RARE 1/10 Getting one, But if you just happen to get one this is what will happen...

Bonus add-on 1: You get /cs heal To heal yourself 1 time only Bonus add-on 2: You get /cs repair To repair all your items and your base 1 Time only Bonus add-on 3: You get /cs exp You get 20 exp every 20 minutes MORE TO BE ADDED**

Map download here

Map still not open for download will appear here when done

Plugin release dates

Plugin due to be coming to this summer! V 1.0 - June - july

Plugin change log

-------- Change log empty.

Have fun !


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