Creativity v0.7.0


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    Oct 9, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1240


  • added ranged building
    • new permission creativity.ranged
    • new command /rangedbuilding (aliases: /crb /rb)
    • lets you destroy and place blocks over large distance
  • added new file blacklist.yml
    • Blocks added in this file can not be placed by users
      • by default TNT and Lava are blacklisted
    • Blocks can be removed from inventory when trying to place them
    • new permission creativity.noblacklist (disables blacklist)
    • new options in config.yml
      • Blacklist enabled - turns blacklist on if true (default)
      • Remove blacklisted Items - removes blacklisted items on place if true (default)
    • OPs donĀ“t have a blacklist
  • removed gamemode messages when joining the server
  • hopefully completely fixed the auto gamemode change on worldchange / reconnect
  • changed auto gamemode change
    • removed player teleport event
    • added player changed world event
  • Permission System completely changed to PermissionsBukkit
    • all commands default to op
    • removed the permission system detection on start
  • fixed some MultiVerse related bugs