CreativeStick will allow you to build, replace, or remove blocks at a distance by simply shaking a stick at them. It may just be the only tool you will ever need on a creative server!

What's New?

Version 1.0 adds the ability for the plugin to update itself and to send anonymous usage statistics. Both are optional and can be turned off by adding 'settings.disable-updates' and 'settings.disable-stats' to config.yml respectively.

Version 0.9 removes the requirement to install BaseBukkitPlugin.jar manually. In fact, please remove this file from your plugins folder if it exits. CreativeStick will automatically download and install it if it is missing or outdated. If you need to manually install the jar, download it from the github release directory and move it to the CreativeStick folder. Do not install it in the plugin folder!

Version 0.8 adds no new functionality but is a refactoring to adapt to the new configuration API provided by bukkit. This version is also the first to no longer be backwards compatible with iStick (anyone still using it???). Given that bukkit now supports permissions natively, support for its own permissions has also been removed.

As of version 0.7.1 CreativeStick supports a throw-build mode where a player can simply work with whatever item they are holding in hand.

As of version 0.6.8 configuration of user parameters is now a little easier (you can use abbreviations) and includes an option to use right-clicking for building and replacing as well: '/cs -c right-click-mode true' or '/cs -c rcm true' will enable the use of whatever mode was selected by right-clicking. The default can be set in the configuration file and is set to false otherwise.

All item specification can be now done using either the name of the item (e.g. 'stone'), the id, or a "fuzzy string" shortcut:

  • fuzzy strings always start with capital letters
  • upper case letters are the first letters of the words in an item's name
  • using first an upper case and then any number of lower case letters specifies the beginning of a name but does not include spaces
  • a wildcard '*' is accepted and can stand for any sequence of letters and spaces
  • only strings resulting in single items are accepted, if more than one item matches, only 'placeable' items will be considered (right now, placeable is defined as the item being a block; I will work on including other placeable items like cake... everybody likes cake and you can still use it by specifying 'cake')
  • if the string matches more than one placeable item, a list of those items is returned
  • examples:
    • 'IA' is short for 'iron axe'
    • 'G*re' is short for 'gold ore'
    • 'So' results in 'soil' (note that it doesn't match 'soul sand' as that item has two words but no wild card was used)
    • 'IB' results in 'iron block' as the other matching item ('iron boots') is not placeable
    • 'S' is invalid as it matches multiple placeable items ('stone', 'sand', etc.)

Any item specification can include a 'data bit' or type specification:

  • 'wool:red' and 'wool:14' both let you build or replace with red wool blocks
  • 'log:birch' or 'leaves:birch' will give you birch logs and leaves respectively

check the the wiki page for all available choices


  • Enable / Disable /cs -t|toggle
  • Right click for removal / switching of building block (optional).
  • Left click for building / removing / replacing.
  • Switch to building: /cs -b|build <id|name>
  • Switch to replacing: /cs -r|replace <id|name>
  • Removing from a distance: make sure CreativeStick is enabled and just right click.
  • Undoing: /cs -u|undo [amount]
  • Toggle whether items are added to the inventory when removing: /cs -td
  • /cs [-h|help] shows help information
  • /cs -c|config shows configuration information.
  • /cs -i|ignore lets you set blocks as transparent:
    • /cs -i +stationary water,+water will let you work through all water
    • /cs -i -<material> will make that block type opaque again
    • air will always be transparent and a default set can be configured in the configuration file
  • /cs -c|config <parameter> <value> allows config parameters to be changed; currently supported:
    • number of default undos ('undo' or 'u' + a number)
    • distance from which the tool acts ('distance' or 'd' + a number)
    • the tool to use ('tool' or 't' + an item specification)
    • whether or not the bottom layer of bedrock can be removed ('protect-bottom' or 'pb' + 'true' or 'false')
    • whether or not right-clicking switches the item to build with ('right-click-switch' or 'rcs' + 'true' or 'false')
    • whether or not right-clicking uses the current mode selected instead of simply removing blocks ('right-click-modes' or 'rcm' + 'true' or 'false')
    • debug mode ('debug-mode' or 'dm' + 'true' or 'false')
    • whether or not drops produce naturally dropped items ('natural-drops' or 'nd' + 'true' or 'false')
    • whether or not to be a little chatty about things ('announce' or 'a' + 'true' or 'false')
    • throw-build mode (no stick required): 'throw-build' or 'tb' + 'true' or 'false'
  • /cs -v|version shows version information
  • Aliases: /is or /istick or /cstick
  • Support for all protection plugins
  • Support for Bukkit's permissions, Permissions, PermissionsEx, and GroupManager
    • assign 'creativestick.use' to any users who are allowed to use the plugin
    • assign 'creativestick.spawn-blocks' to users that are allowed to build or replace with blocks that are not in their inventory (also check your config file to enable this for backwards compatibility)
    • assign 'creativestick.config' or 'creativestick.config.*' to any user who are allowed to change configuration parameters for themselves
    • assign only 'creativestick.config.param' to only allow a user to change that parameter's configuration
    • assign 'creativestick.*' to any users who are allowed to use all features of the plugin


  1. download the latest jar file for CreativeStick
  2. reload your server
  3. read and adjust configuration file in plugins/CreativeStick/config.yml
  4. reload your server if you made any changes


  1. if you have BaseBukkitPlugin.jar in your plugins folder, please remove it
  2. follow INSTALLATION steps 1 - 2.
  3. if you see a warning message about an outdated config.yml file, simply follow the instructions in plugins/CreativeStick/config-new.yml
  4. if there is no warning message, you are good to go



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