Tired of sheep in your redstone? Tired of zombies in your mansion? Are you frustrated with having to pull out a sword and still having to hit them multiple times to just get rid of them? Well then, this plugin is for you. As long as you're in Creative mode, any mob will go down in just one hit, no matter the weapon. No more frustration with chickens in your house or creepers walking down the street. One hit and they're down.

This plugin is very simple. There is no command. All you need to do is punch any mob or vehicle you don't want to see anymore in creative mode (the mode where you have infinite items, invulnerability, and can fly). This works on all mobs, including both passive and aggressive mobs. Please note that Mobs ≠ Players. This plugin will not kill players if you hit them. You still need to pull out a sword to attack players.


To setup, just put the jar file into the plugins folder. It's that simple. There is no configuration or libraries to deal with. Just place the jar and, if the server is running, either restart the server, run /reload plugins as an OP, or reload plugins from the server console.


This plugin uses the permission creativekill to see if players can instant-kill mobs. Any permissions plugin that uses SuperPerms can denote people not to use this, but it defaults to everybody has permission. Keep in mind that this permission doesn't give everybody instant kill, only those that have a means of getting into creative mode.

Source available on GitHub

Feature List

  • Kills all mobs on first hit if the attacking player is in Creative mode
  • Destroy all vehicles (boats and minecarts) in one hit
  • SuperPerms permission creativekill to deny instant kills

Version History

fixed double items glitch
Updated to bukkit's new event handling system and added support for vehicles
Directly accesses the die code to prevent apparent issues from large damage numbers
Fixed bug where the plugin didn't account for damage resistance
Initial (successful) version


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