This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

CreativeGuard [ABANDONED]

CreativeGuard [ABANDONED]
Guard your creativity, the right way.


  • Commands to enable and disable items blocks and events by commands in game.
  • 1 boat and minecart per person, when they place another cart or boat their last one is removed.
  • If a world is not defined in the config then it uses the default values.
  • All settings are multi-world capable.
  • Freeze time in worlds to day or night.
  • Plugin tells you if there's an update.
  • Notify admins when someone tries to do something blocked

General Blocking

  • Block Water flow
  • Block Lava flow
  • Block Redstone
  • Block Dispensers
  • Block Creeper explosions
  • Block Enderman placing breaking blocks
  • Block Iron Golem creation
  • Block Snow Golem creation
  • Experience orbs from dropping and removes ones on the ground.

Weather Blocking

  • Rain
  • Lightning

Player Blocking

  • Certain items by their ID in certain worlds.
    • Block all id's by blocking id 0
  • Item drops.
  • Specific SpawnEggs
  • Bows
  • Fishing.
  • Chests
  • Ender Chests
  • Beds
  • Vehicles.
  • Limiting of vehicles, each player gets 1
  • Vehicle protection, players can't break vehicles they don't own.
  • Chicken eggs from being thrown and spawning chickens.

Fire Blocking

  • Ignite - block creation of fire
  • Spread - block fire from spreading
  • Blockdamage - block fire from destroying blocks


  • /cg help - commands
  • /cg flags - lists all event flags
  • /cg remove [entity] - removes entities from world
    • all,items,vehicles,exporbs,mobs,animals,null
  • /cg block <id>|<flag> - blocks an event flag or item id for current world
  • /cg unblock <id>|<flag> - unblocks an event flag or item id for current world
  • /cg time day|night|none - Freezes time in current world
  • /cg info - shows what's enabled and disabled in current world
  • /cg reload - reloads config
  • /cg debug - toggles debug mode


Reported working with GroupManager

Tested with PermissionsEX

If you are using a different permissions plugin and it works let me know please.

  • CreativeGuard.admin - Enables use of commands
    • CreativeGuard.unblock.* - Unblock all id's
    • CreativeGuard.unblock.8 - Unblock id 8 (works with any of id of any block or item)
    • CreativeGuard.unblock.spawnegg.* - Unblock all spawn eggs
    • CreativeGuard.unblock.spawnegg.creeper - Unblock spawn egg creeper (works with all of them)
  • CreativeGuard.admin.notify - enables user to see notifications

If you set 8 to be blocked in the config and give the user CreativeGuard.unblock.8 then they can still use the water block.
However anyone without it can not.

If you set 0 to be blocked in the config it will block all items.


  • Download CreativeGuard.
  • Place CreativeGuard.jar in the plugins folder.
  • Restart the server.
  • Configure the config.
  • Configure the permissions.
  • Enjoy!.

Future Updates

  • Store owners of boats and minecarts in config to help prevent "null" owner.
  • Permission node to break vehicles owned by others
  • Add data value to ID's < next update
  • Add regions (far in the future)
  • Add unset command, unset a flag so it inherits again
  • Add console support
  • Multilingual support, message me if you can help or contribute.
  • Block mob and animal spawning

Known Issues

  • Players lose boats they own on restart. - Priority Medium


  • This plugin takes a lot of my valuable time to work on, and I have a lot of bigger projects that take most of my time.
  • Donations for this plugin will help with the time it takes for me to work on it!
    • You can donate to "[email protected]" via Paypal, any size of donation is appreciated! Even the small ones.
  • Please put CreativeGuard Donation as the title! Large donators will receive a thank you in the description.


  • Why is this plugin still beta? It seems to run fine.
    • Yes, this plugin does just fine at what it does currently
    • However there is still big plans, like regions, full console support and data values

Configuration == <- click here

  • Config automatically generates

Follow me @CraigDeVonne on Twitter!


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