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What does it do?

  • Changes your speed when flying (with Creative mode)
  • You can change the speed factor, and enable/disable the plugin's features completely
  • Supports permissions
  • Can block a player from flying completely if you want

Why would you want this?

Creative mode flying is ideal for building stuff but quite unhandy if you wish to travel from place to place and it's a long distance, flying can be so slow!! With this plugin it gets lots faster.

Also you can block a player from flying completely. By default players will be allowed to fly but by setting the permission to false for a player, that player won't be able to fly at all!


Just drag the CreativeFlySpeed.jar into your /plugins folder. It's that easy!


  • /flyspeed - In-game help
  • /flyspeed [speed] - Set the speed factor (default is 4)
  • /flyspeed on - Enable the flying speed modifier
  • /flyspeed off - Disable the flying speed modifier (after this you can fly in Creative as normal)

Default settings (at every server startup) are speed 4, and features ON.


You do not need to set permissions to use this plugin!

Do note that OPs always have all permissions!

  • creativeflyspeed.flywithspeed - Allow the player to fly with a speed modifier - default: true
  • creativeflyspeed.setflyspeed - Allow the player to set the flying speed (/flyspeed [speed]) - default: true
  • creativeflyspeed.setonoff - Allow the player to set the flying speed modifier on/off (/flyspeed on and /flyspeed off) - default: true
  • - Allow the player to view help on the CreativeFlySpeed commands - default: true
  • - Allow the player to fly at all (even without a special speed) If you set this to false the player will not be able to fly. - default: true

Future possibilities

  • Config

Suggestions and feedback

Leave it in the comments below! Or create a ticket if you get an error :)
I'd love to know the following: error log if there is one, plugins you use, CB version, CFS version, do you use permissions?

Dev builds

A similar project: CreativeFly

Submit suggestions and bugs here!!


This plugin uses MCStats to collect information about plugin usage. Of course, this is strictly anonymous, and you can easily opt out via plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml. The NSA isn't watching your server ;) You can of course see for yourself what data is collected on the MCStats site, just the basic stuff: how many servers, how many players, which Bukkit version, etc.


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