Auth Plugins

Auth Plugin Compatibility

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The CreativeControl inventory handler is very sensitive, it will always be affected by other plugins that handles the inventory, ensure full compatibility for those plugins can be very difficult, I'll always try to improve the compatibility but sometimes just not worth it. There are some things to try If you are experiencing incompatibility issues like creative inventory mixing with survival, inventory loss and some other things:

Create a gamemode region

If your problem is with in-game inventory managers like pvp arenas and stuff, you may wanna try to create a gamemode region (mostly a survival region) covering the arena, so if a player enters the arena he'll be forced to use one gamemode only.

Disabling the other inventory manager

If your problem is with non-important inventory managers or with plugins like AuthMe/xAuth you can try to disable its inventory manager, they should always have a switch for that in the configuration.

Multiverse Inventories

If your problem is with auth plugins like AuthMe or xAuth, you may wanna try to install Multiverse-Inventories in your server and enable it per-gamemode inventory, it'll do the work much better than CreativeControl and probably wont bug with other inventory managers.


If your problem is especially with auth plugins like AuthMe or xAuth, you can try FAuthSec, it'll work just the same but it'll not glitch or lost inventories, it can also use it in compatibility mode with your old plugin database so if you dont like it, you can downgrate to the old plugin and you'll not lost any new registrations.