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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


  • == V 4.3 ==

PLEASE, this is an Alpha build, Test it before uploading to your server!

Is not required generate a new configuration file, but do it, has several changes in this plugin and is recomended to you read the configuration file before uploading to your server!

This plugin has completely rewritten because I lost the original source.

  1. Enchanted Database handler
  2. Enchanted Configuration handler
  3. Enchanted Block protection
  4. Enchanted Commands
  5. Enchanted Inventory Manager
  6. Added Statement cache
  7. Added SQL Index
  8. Added Configuration cache
  9. Added Configuration auto updater
  10. Added Attached blocks detection
  11. Added build-in regions support
  12. Added build-in area selection
  13. Added option to prevent from breaking the world bedrock
  14. Added option to clean mob drops
  15. Added option to disable gamemode handler
  16. Added command to check player gamemode
  17. Code general cleanup and opmization
  18. A LOT [Really, A LOT] Of stuff that I can't remember now.
  • == V 4.2 ==
  1. Cache reworked
  2. Command BlackList reworked
  3. SQL Index started [not done]
  4. Small Bug fixes
  5. Creative drops on death fixed
  6. God i need to make a list, I can't remember nothing.
  • == V 4.1 ==
  1. New Multi World Config Files
  2. Small changes in the cache
  3. Dump Queue rewrited
  4. Fixed Protected areas with nodrop? AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN
  5. Fixed OwnBlocks droping with cache
  6. Fixed Commands BlackList
  7. Fixed some sutff with pistons
  8. Fixed Drops with suicide in creative mode
  9. Fixed Enchantment table
  10. Fixed MineCartStorage
  11. Fixed del area command not removing the cache
  12. Added more texts to the messages.yml
  13. Added color support to the messages.yml
  14. Some small changes that i can't remember.

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