0.6 - For Spigot 1.8.7


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    Jul 26, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


0.6 :

Added minecart prevention from dropping when placed in creative. Added multiworld support :

Added prevention of dropping minecart when destroyed in survival and placed in creative. Also added multiworld support and disabled items.

0.5-FIX :

Fixed two permissions :

Fixed two permissions. First on BlockBreakEvent and second on command /cc.

0.5 :

Added command. Added config. Added disabling of commands.

Added /cc command. Added config. Added possibility to disable commands using config. You can from now on disable also gamemode adventure and spectator.

0.4-FIX :

Fixed opening containers prevention + monster eggs :

Fixed prevention of opening containers. Following containers can't be opened while in creative: - Chest - DoubleChest - Furnace - Minecart Chest, Minecart Dropper - Horse - Ender Chest - Dispenser, Dropper

0.4 :

Fixed sticky pistons, added permissions, added few things

Disabled opening of chests, ender chests, hoppers, horse inventories. Added permissions. Fixed editing block position when moved by sticky piston.

0.3 :

Added inventory switching

From now on inventories will switch when changing from gamemode creative to survival and from survival to creative. Adventure not supported! ! Required reset of database !

0.2 :

Added drop prevention and fixed messages on BlockPistonExtendEvent event :

When somebody tries to drop in creative he is denied to. Also fixed messages which where sent when when piston moved.

0.1 :

Added piston move protection :

From now on when creative placed block is moved using piston it will update it's position in db, meaning it wont drop anything when destroyed in survival.

None at this time.