CreateYourOwnMenus v0.3


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    Jul 26, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2


  • Added @w and @a for targetting commands at multiple players
  • Added /menu grab command to grab copies of all items from a menu
  • Added /menu copy command to make a copy of a menu
  • Fixed conflict with using menu scripts with inventory altering effects during a right-click activation
  • Added check to ensure that the character limit for inventory titles is not exceeded
  • Fixed registered permissions for menus not getting removed properly on delete

Since 0.2.2:

  • Added {Prompt Text} symbol to menu scripts in place of an argument to prompt the clicking player for the required argument
  • Added individual per-command permissions for menu scripts to override the config whitelist and blacklist commands for individual players or groups
  • Activate menu items when right-clicked in hand (can be used to open menus)
  • Menu IDs are now case-insensitive

Since 0.2.1:

  • Fixed potential multi-threading issue when saving menus
  • The /menu script show and usage of hidden player-targetted commands (@p/) now work correctly