Version 4.3


Tired of empty or to complicated mob farms? Spawn and kill monsters or animals.
Revive grieved villages. Restore the entire The_End world with Ender-Dragons and -Crystals.
Use repetitive SpawnTask to automate these tasks.
Monster invasion? Spawn as much as possible. Are your players fast enough to kill them all?
Are you creating a rpg? Do you need custom monsters?
Have you tried killing a Zombie with Full Armor and 1000 life?
Do you want to have special monster spawn areas?
Do you need help with drop events? Just spawn your drops and XP.


  • Custom Entities
    • angry (Wolf + Pigman)
    • baby (Animals + Zombie)
    • charged (Creeper)
    • color (Sheep)
    • custom (head) name
    • custom max heath
    • custom drops
    • custom xp drops
    • custom equipment
    • custom damage
    • size (Slimes)
    • tamed (Cat/Ocelot + Wolf)
    • villagertypes
    • wither (Skeleton)
    • detectionRange and alarmRange
    • supports none living entities
      • drops, falling blocks, fireworks + more
    • + much more
      • 56 spawnable entity types
      • 46 optiongroups in total
      • 170 options in total
    • no new mob types included (only default minecraft ones)
      • my plugin may support partially support new mob types added by mods
        (Can be fully supported with a little coding - Ask)
  • Animal/Monster/Golem/Villager/Boss spawning
    • All Slime sizes (1 - 100+)
    • All Villager types
    • Baby creatures
    • CustomCreatures
    • PoweredCreepers
    • WitherSkeletons
    • SkeletonHorses
    • + more (Almost everything included in Minecraft)
  • Animal/Monster/Golem/Villager/Boss removing
  • Ability to respawn bosses
    • + Command to automatically respawn Ender-Dragons and -Crystals in The_End world
  • Change Spawner Types
  • Overwrite default entities
  • Supports jokeys/riders
    • Currently only via custom creatures
  • Peaceful option (don't attack)
  • Detection range (include view range and angle)


Commands with their Permissions


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