This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Version 3.10.2

Simple, but effective Jail and Ban Plugin. If you find griefers or spammers on your server this plugin locks them up.
Jail Members and annihilate Enemys. Found special enemy? Want to put all punishments on him? Try Hardban.

Video Tutorials:
How to Install and Setup-Tutorial (Created by SamVenom)

Global Jail (defaultjail=spawn),
Jailed player cannot move, use items, chat, place/destroy blocks
Kick/Ban improvements
HardBan (Enemys only)
Hide hidden players on Dynmap (can be disabled)
Effects to handle in other plugins

Planned features
Global Bans
Warn ops/members if a often banned player joined the server.
Database support
Multiple jails

CrazyCore (Version 8 or later)
CrazyGeo (Version 0.1 or later)


  • /show [Player...]
    Show the players to all other players.
  • /hide [Player...]
    Hide the player from the playerlist and make him invisible (invisible players see each other)
    For watching possible griefers and rulebreakers.
  • /jail <Player> [Duration [Unit]]
    Jail a player in the defined jail. (Offline players can be jailed too)
    Default duration: 5 minutes
    Availiable Units: s, m, h, d, w, month, y
    Permission: crazypunisher.jail
  • /unjail <Player>
    /free <Player>
    Remove a player from jail.
    Permission: crazypunisher.unjail
  • /kick <Player>
    /kick *
    Kick a player/all players.
    Permission: crazyonline.kick
  • /ban <Player>
    Ban a player permanently from server. (Serverside + Pluginside Ban System)
    Permission: crazyonline.ban
  • /hardban <Player>
    Ban a player permanently from server. (Serverside + Pluginside Ban System)
    Permission: crazyonline.hardban
  • /jailtp
    Teleport to jail (Help constructing/visiting)
    Permission: crazyonline.hardban
  • /crazypunisher jail [Position] [World]
    /crazypunisher jail here
    Set Jaillocation
    Permission: crazyonline.admin.jail
  • /crazypunisher jailrange [Range]
    Show/set Jailrange (the sphere in which prison inmates can move)
    Permission: crazyonline.admin.jail


  • crazypunisher.*:
    Access to all commands (default: false)
  • crazypunisher.admin:
    Access to all admin commands (default: op)
    Allow hiding/unhiding.
  • crazypunisher.showall:
    Hidden players remains visible for players having this permission
  • crazypunisher.hardban:
    Ban a player ultimately! (default: false)
  • crazypunisher.ban:
    Ban a player (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.kick:
    Kick a player (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.kick.all:
    Kick all players (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.jail:
    Jail a player (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.pardon:
    Unban a player (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.unjail:
    Unjail a player (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.jailtp:
    Teleport to jail (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.admin.jail:
    Show/set jail location (default: op)
  • crazypunisher.admin.jailrange:
    Show/set jail range! (default: op)

en_en (English)
de_de (German - Deutsch)
ru_ru (Russian - русский, thanks to kilolife)
nl_nl (Dutch - Nederlands, thanks to blipman17, jekeke123)
fi_fi (Finnish - Suomi, thanks to suomenlippis)
es_es (Spanish - Español, thanks to Sirikon)
(Please post additional translations here, so i can share them to everybody!)



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