CrateReloaded [ArchonCrates & More!]

Now includes Archon Crates

Crate Reloaded

Now with Keys, GUI, and the Original Mystery Crates


Crate Reloaded is an plugin that allows you to create Crates to give great rewards and prizes! Crate Reloaded is fully customizable and features five types of crates ....

  • Supply Crate
  • Mystery Crate
  • Menu Crate
  • Key Crate
  • Archon Crates


Come check out the forums! Don't be afraid to ask for anything.

Useful Links


Need to know how to create crates or what the commands are? Check out the wikia.



  • This plugin features metrics which collects and sends stats to Metrics can be freely turned off via pluginmetrics / config.yml.
  • This plugin features an auto-updater. You can turn it off freely via cratereloaded/config.yml by changing updater to false.

Hello There, this plugin is built with your support!

This plugin relies on your feedback! Everything that is here now is the result of fellow community members messaging me feedback about the plugin. If the plugin contains any bugs or requires any necessary changes please don't be afraid to send me a message or post a ticket here.

A small thanks goes a long way.

If you sincerely do enjoy my work, kindly send support to the developer.


Key Crate

[Important] Please check this page for the latest information.

For Questions please refer to the link above.


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