Note: I have not tried, but the resources that the plug-in uses will likely work with most versions

This plugin allows players break bedrock

Permission: cr.use

how it works:

So that the player can break the bedrock, you must have the permission "cr.use"

Attention the plugin will not work without the player pressing and holding the hand mouse, he must hit several times To break the bedrock is necessary that the player "tap, press, click" on hand mouse several times.

The plugin has a config where the administrator can control the chance to drop the bedrock according to the material of the pick and the level of enchantment efficiency

CONFIG.YML: ########

#Percent by Material
diamond: 10
gold: 7
iron: 5
stone: 3
wood: 2
other: 1

#If true, the plugin will multiply the level of the charm factor selected for each material Pick 
#If false, the plugin will add the glamor level Pick the factor selected
Multiply: true

enchantLevel1: 1
enchantLevel2: 2
enchantLevel3: 3
enchantLevel4: 4
enchantLevel5: 5
enchantLevel5++: 6

  enabled: true
  message: "The rock broke loose"


Each material like iron, diamond, gold has an integer percent drop in first hit the bedrock, this value can almentar or decrease depending on how the administrator to configure "Multiply". If "Multiply" is true, it will multiply the whole number of each level of enchantment configured by the administrator to the base material number. If "Multiply" is false, instead of multiplying the value it will add charm to the base material number

Example: According to the config above we see that diamond worth 10, "Multiply" is true, then if I have the permission "cr.use" and get my diamond pick with efficiency 3 (enchantLevel3 3) the chance of bedrock drop in the first hit will be 3 x 10 = 30%


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