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UPDATE: I integrated death messages into the latest version of CraftIRC. No need for this plugin anymore, once the next release of CraftIRC comes out.


This is a remix of DeathLog by DjDCH. See who's dying from your IRC channels!

What does this do?

This plugin will relay death messages from in-game to CraftIRC. More specifically, it creates a new tag and endpoint visible to CraftIRC 3. With this plugin loaded, you can specify communication paths in your CraftIRC 3 config.yml to specify the tag "death" as a source for death messages. Your death messages can be sent to any endpoint tag known to CraftIRC, which works really well with my other plugin, Dynmap2CraftIRC3. This allows you to see death messages on dynmap as well!

How do I use it?


First, you need CraftIRC of at least version 3.1. It definitely won't work with CraftIRC 2.


The only configuration required is in CraftIRC's config.yml. If you have:

    auto-paths: true

Then skip this section, it should automatically connect your death endpoint with IRC chat. I Don't recommend this way, as auto-paths seems to always create double messages for me. If it's false, and you're manually specifying your communication paths (my preferred method), then you will need to set up a new path for this to work:

  - source: 'death'
    target: 'yourirctag'

Formatting and Attributes configuration

The death endpoint is configured as a "minecraft" source, using the event type "death". So if you wanted to format how the messages appeared, you would add a section under formatting called "from-game" with a "death" option, like so:

        death: '%red%%player% %message%'

Also, in order for the death messages to actually be sent, you must add "death: true" under the default-attributes section:

        chat: true
        action: true
        join: true
        death: true

Using it with Dynmap2CraftIRC3

Like I mentioned earlier, if you're using my other plugin Dynmap2CraftIRC3, you can also use this to display death messages on dynmap's webchat as well. Just add another path like this:

  - source: 'death'
    target: 'dynmap'


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