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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2




Final release of craftirc3 for bukkit, including all the stuff that never got included in a release until now.

Relay cancelled joins/quits through cancelled tag
%srcNetwork% message field
Achievement event.
Spam less on failed connect.
Private replies for commands (to receive .cmd or .players output in a PM)
"command-reply" formatting entry, which can have %realSender% to highlight the user who sent the command.
"stopped-responding-message" in settings. Was supposed to be a hidden setting but whatever. Set it to blank to disable the feature.
Check ignored-users for all event types.


Fix a bug with chat color reset displaying in chat.
Added mode configuration for sending an in-game message when IRC mode changes.
See this link for where to add to the config: https://github.com/CraftIRC/CraftIRC3/commit/75fddb
Added ability to configure the output of the .players command.
See this link for where to add to the config: https://github.com/CraftIRC/CraftIRC3/commit/f9b8b4
Support for NOTICE messages being sent to IRC
See this link for where to add to the config: https://github.com/CraftIRC/CraftIRC3/commit/5a49c24
Added better output for configuration mistakes
Added better output for connection failures
The /ircusers command now chooses the first bot if none is specified
Fixed bug where NICK and QUIT messages broadcast to too many places


Note: For where to add new config values, see the default config

Added auth delay (Config value per bot).
The 'disable' attribute now functions properly. This will break some people's setups if they didn't read the documentation.
Add logging of IRC messages/commands to console (With config option).
Add configurable encoding (Config value per bot).
The /admins! command now sends to ALL ops, not just the first it finds.
Path filters now function as expected.
The /ircusers command will no longer flood your screen as quickly.
Fix a mistake in the colormap config. I advise checking your colormap and ensuring the 'reset' field has \u00A7r (Some configs will mistakenly have the similar \u00Afr)


Add missing value to config.yml included in jar


Add simple handling for RESET color code
If you want support, make sure your config's
colormap section has the reset value in it.
See the example config for... example.
Fix issues of command responses not being sent back
Resolve command thread safety
Colorize (if enabled) command responses
Catch plugins attempting to register with CraftIRC before it's enabled


Handle player names ending in reset code for plugins like EssentialsChat
Some bug fixes.


Changes to config defaults
- Default host to localhost (<3 esper)
- No longer automatically listen to cancelled chat (set cancelled tag to '')
Better socket binding handling
Migrated pircbot into custom package in case someone tries running two different IRC plugins at once


Update to support the async chat event. Tiny (50ms) lag reduction!
Fix bug where VanishNoPacket caused the IRC .players command to break


I would suggest replacing your config with the default and re-adding your changes. There were a lot of adjustments this time around!

Replacement filter feature. Check the default config for details (Just add the entire section to yours!).

Added support for VanishNoPacket and other systems hiding when you join/quit.
Strip colors when channel mode is +c.
Anti-highlight implementation. Check the default config for details (Just add the line to yours!).
Add support for username prefixes &~ and %, in addition to @ and +, when determining who can use admin commands.

Fix channel name case sensitivity.
Fixed IRC color code handling.
Properly handle nickname changes.
Consistent usage of console's name across all messages/commands.

Urgent fix for a bug. Upgrade immediately.
Compatibility with helper plugins improved.

Fixed versioning information
The 3.5 download thinks its 3.4 so we'll let it believe that.

Fixed chat duplication bug

Improved compatibility
Bug fixes for commands, paths, etc
Metrics system for install tracking

1.1-R6 compatibility