CraftGuard is a plugin that easily allows you to control crafting, smelting, using, and various player actions easily through item lists.

  • Modules system to allow you to choose which actions you want to check
  • Support for inheritance between lists
  • Support for metadata
  • Automatic whitelist : you can choose to automatically allow or disallow actions on items that aren't in any list
  • And much more !

Coming from CraftGuard 1.x ? see the Upgrade page.
New user ? See the First start page.

(Video editing in progress, the video should be availiable in few days)

Latest updates & Changelog

This is the first (beta) release of CraftGuard2 ! It adds the following features since Craftguard 1.x :

  • New module system : block not only crafting and smelting but also placing, breaking, repairing, and using items, everything highly configurable and with lists !
  • Improved list structure
  • Added new commands
  • Done a lot of optimisation
  • Added new configuration option And much more !

What's next ?

Here is a list of the features i plan to add to CraftGuard :

  • Brewing module
  • "Permission mode" : use permission nodes instead of lists.yml
  • Adding custom crafts and smeltings
  • (Support for custom guis) ??
  • More !

Full McStats page

Report a bug/A suggestion

Please use our new bug tracker at GitHub. It requires a GitHub account which takes only a minute to create, and is free. Alternatively, you can also post your issues on BukkitDev bug tracker.

Source code

All the source is availiable under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) here


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