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I'll not publish any new features until all bugs are fixed. Please post all bugs that you find because they could be game-breaking.

After fixing all bugs I'll add a feature where existing recipes can be removed through a good old GUI. I have already got this coded but it's still not tested properly.

One thing that I would really like to know is what version of Minecraft you're playing. It's a real pain to keep updating plugin for versions below 1.13 so I'd rather only publish versions for 1.13+. Let me know!


A quick version recap:

Some requested future version's features will be:

  • Add lore recipes: this basically means that you can make recipes where only the lore gets checked. This can be used similarly to how a crusher works, because it could change the lore from 'divine' to 'crushed'.
  • Add furnace recipes: very self-explanatory, the same the plugin already does but for furnaces too.
  • Remove existing recipes: remove existing recipes from the server using a GUI.

Some features I came up with myself are:

  • Categories for recipes.
  • An implementation of balance withdraw to craft using the Vault API.





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