This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


CraftDroid is an Admin tool that adds tons of Commands to Minecraft,
both for Players and Operators.
It is based on the idea of multiple plugins, such as "Essentials".


CraftDroid will include many commands, and even some economy commands (For both OPs and Players).
Here's a list of some of the main commands the plugin will include:

  • /prefix [player] <off|prefix[:format]> will allow to add a prefix that will appear before the name of the player.
  • /createworld <worldname> will create a randomly-generated world. (Some more options might be added soon.)
  • /docommand <player> </command|message> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]] also known as "Sudo" to linux users, will allow to force a player to chat or execute a command.
  • /tprequest <player|accept|decline> will allow to send a teleportation request to a player. (Based on Essential's /tpa command.)
  • /wallet <action> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]] will be used to manage your own money. (Watch the balance, pay a player, etc.)
  • /adminwallet <action> [arg1 [arg2 [...]]] will be used to manage every player's money. (Set the balance, spy balance, take/give money, etc.)


CraftDroid includes configurable info and error (issue) messages.
Here's some example "issue" messages CraftDroid will have by default.

  • commands.error.noconsole: 'This action is not permitted from the console.'
  • commands.error.tptomyself: 'You cannot send a teleport request to yourself.'
  • commands.error.notonline: '"%1$s" is not online.'
  • settings.monetary: '§2$%1$s§r'
  • 'Deleting %1$s..'
    and much more!


CraftDroid will include permissions for most of the commands.
Here's some example of permissions that will be included in CraftDroid:

  • craftdroid.debug.testissue
  • craftdroid.prefix
  • craftdroid.admin.sudo


The download link and source code are coming as soon as the plugin is ready, and that I feel like it haves enough commands.


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