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Have you ever sunk large quantities of time into a server, only to have it grow old and boring? You want to go to a new server, but want to bring your previous effort with you? Do you play on multiple servers, depending on your mood? If yes, then your server operator needs this plugin! What this plugin does is link into a BRAND NEW cryptocurrency (a la Bitcoin) created just for Minecraft servers. But that is not all! Because this is a cryptocurrency, you can "mine" for coins WITHOUT mining for diamonds! Head on over to to find out more!


  1. Obtain Craftcoin by mining or trading
  2. Transfer Craftcoin to a server by executing /deposit and sending Craftcoin to the given address
  3. Trade Craftcoin around in the server like you would any other Minecraft currency
  4. Withdraw Craftcoin back to your computer by using /withdraw <YourCraftcoinAddressHere>


craftcoin.* - All commands - /money

craftcoin.transact - /transact

craftcoin.withdraw - /withdraw

craftcoin.admin - /admin - /syscheck - /credit

craftcoin.debit - /debit


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